Alexa PieSync integrations with ConvergeHub connects more than 200 app

PieSync – ConvergeHub Integration

PieSync’s two-way sync moves information between your web apps and ConvergeHub automatically, so you can focus
on your most important work.

DocuSign Features

PieSync Features

PieSync is a customer data synchronization platform that connects more than 200 applications. PieSync works two-way and in real-time to ensure up-to-date data across your software stack. Unlike one-way pushes, PieSync makes sure that if a change is made in either one of the connected apps, that update is automatically synced to the other one.

convergehub integration

Easy to setup- Just Click, and Automate

Sync ConvergeHub data and vice-versa with other products that you never knew were available to you. PieSync directly connects 200+ Apps with its two-way sync into ConvergeHub, so that you can save your work hours focusing on growing your business.

No installation is required

Thanks to an intuitive dashboard, you can create complex workflows between business apps in just a few clicks. You can choose which contacts, leads or companies to keep in sync according to labels, tags, group and other attributes.

convergehub integration

Setting up PieSync Integration in ConvergeHub

Login To Your PieSync Account

Easy and quick set-up. Just Log into your PieSync account. Under Connections, click Add New Connection.

PieSync keeps your contacts in sync between your favorite cloud apps, two-way and in real-time.

convergehub integration
convergehub integration

Choose Your Apps

In setting up a sync connection, you first choose ConvergeHub that contains the contact data you need to be synced. Use the handy search bar to quickly get to the apps you are looking for. After you select the first app, you immediately proceed to select the second app.

Authorize Your Apps

Authorize both apps. In order to connect with the ConvergeHub account, you need your API Key and the API Secret. If you have already connected an account for that app with PieSync, you will be able to choose it from the drop-down menu, or click “Add a new account” to authorize another.

convergehub integration
convergehub integration

Create Connection Rules

By default, PieSync will set you up with two-way and all-to-all sync, which consists of a rule for each app without any filters or actions.

You can even tweak the sync so that not only contacts get synced, but you also respect the segmentation, tags, groups, categories, custom attributes, status, and more of the apps that the contacts live in.

In a PieSync rule, you can choose to add a filter and add actions to syncs.

Two-Way sync starts off with two rules. Each rule fulfills the conditions of each side of the sync. PieSync looks at all the data stored on each side, so you can define exactly what data needs to move from one side to the other.

Setup Connection Settings

In addition to setting up sync rules, PieSync presents a series of
app-dependent options. These include:

  • A toggle to help “AVOID DUPLICATES”
  • Handy ways to have PieSync “SYNC DELETIONS” or “SYNC UNSUBSCRIBES” across datasets
  • You should “CHOOSE YOUR MASTER APP” so that during the initial sync and afterward, conflicting changes can be resolved

convergehub integration
convergehub integration

Start Syncing

Make sure no other integrations are running next to PieSync for the accounts you have connected in PieSync. Other integrations will have access to your data and have the ability to manipulate as well. For this reason, use PieSync and nothing else to keep your data in sync. Other integrations running in parallel with PieSync are a no-go.

Monitor Your Connection In The Dashboard

Once the connection is running, the activity monitor will be your
real-time view of PieSyncs’ operations. It provides insight into:

  • New contacts being created from your first app to your second app that did not exist yet
  • New contacts being created from your second app to your first app that did not exist yet (if you are doing two-way sync)
  • Updates made to contacts that had been synced and matched up before (the update is now also synced)
  • Whether your synchronization is active or not - you can pause the connection should you so wish

convergehub integration

PieSync Integration How-To

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