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I have been through a ton of other CRMs like Salesforce, Zoho and many others, but this is the best one that I have come across.. highly recommended.

Kathleen Stanley Fast Credit, LLC.

Nathan Abadi

When we went with ConvergeHub we were trying to solve two problems at once. The back office problem of keeping everything centralized and the front office problem of being able to distribute leads, track leads, send reminders and emails with the least time taken. Every minute counts when you're talking about sales. So, we made the sales process on the front end much more seamless between the emailing and follow ups and automation and responses and call and invites and all the features that ConvergeHub has to offer.

The company has been growing every year and ConvergeHub definitely helped facilitate a 100% to 200% year-over-year growth since implementation in 2014 when we started with ConvergeHub.

We were able to achieve a full integration between front office and back office regarding deal statuses and funnel movement, so every rep knew exactly where the deal was, and it avoided a hundred emails or calls for status updates and so on. We were able to streamline both frontend and backend systems and synchronize everything and bring about the harmony that we now have, which wouldn't have been possible without ConvergeHub.

Nathan Abadi President, Excel Capital Management

Julian Ivann

"Salesforce power at a fraction of the cost"

I was looking for an all-in-one CRM+marketing automation+support system that can get the job done for clients who are looking to get something powerful but with less (budget).

The personalized service shows care and thought and is probably one of the things I look for before investing in new software. It’s great to have multiple things built into one solution. I like being able to customize the product to suit my needs. Sometimes I feel like Salesforce is overkill so it’s nice to have a solution for clients who are tight on budget.

Julian Ivann Founder, The Assembly

Chad Otar

We were manually tracking activity in spreadsheets.

We had looked at so many different CRMs out there. None were flexible enough to match our exact workflow. So even though we tried other CRMs, we always went back to spreadsheets.

ConvergeHub just works out of the box and then you can then customize it as much as you want.

ConvergeHub supported our main goal of pushing our agents through a highly repeatable process which drove a 3x improvement in deals closed per agent.

Their team is great to work with. Quick to respond to our questions and very open to our ideas.

The main transformation is that our entire company is actually using a CRM as an authoritative engine that drives all sales.

There is no ambiguity about what happened to each deal. Each team member is now accountable, and we can really manage our pipeline with high confidence.

We went from closing 1-2 deals per agent to closing 5 deals per agent.

Chad Otar Founder/CEO, Lending Valley, Inc.

Baggy Tiwana

"... the most versatile CRM system I have used after 25 years in business."

The flexibility of the system. The user interface and the ease of use. It is almost intuitive when you set up the CRM as to how you want it. We took on an estate agent CRM system for one of our businesses. It was 'clunky' and almost painful to use it - within a few days we mapped ConvergeHub to do want we wanted and the results have been fantastic.

Having used everything from Filefinder, Maximiser, Oracle, Microsoft, Vtiger, Sugar CRM, Capsule, Infusionsoft to name but a few, ConvergeHub is a 'Breeze'.

In another of our businesses we use KEAP to manage a camping and caravaning business, we are now moving to ConvergeHub to the level of automation we need. This purely because of ease of use and integration into the business.

Partners and staff members have found the ease of use and learning to be very straight forward.

A lot of CRM systems fail to integrate many elements that are needed to communicate with potential customers and leave you looking for other third-party solutions - bolt-on systems that don't integrate well. ConvergeHub has resolved this by having integrated solutions from SMTP, through to SMS solutions that work.

Without any reservation, I would start with ConvergeHub for all our future CRM needs.

Baggy Tiwana Director at Gifford Hanson Limited

Andrew J. Lee

We used many different CRMs in the past. Each of them was a pain to manage. And when we had questions, good luck finding someone to talk to.

ConvergeHub has a very responsive team. They were a big help in training and implementing the solution. Took ownership of the whole thing.

Revenue has increased by 30% so far.

Lead conversions increased exponentially.

We moved from being a typical sales focused organization to one that was more flexible and caring in its approach to customers, and as a result sales increased dramatically.

We have all our leads in one place and know exactly what is going on with each of them.

With all data at our fingertips, we can now have a consistent deal pipeline.

We saw 100% ROI in 7 days, as we closed new deals that we could not have closed without ConvergeHub.

Andrew J. Lee CEO, Liquidus Funding

Te Wu

"Excellent CRM Solution for Growing Business"

Here are the three things I like the most about ConvergeHub: 1) The software is feature rich, many of which I expected to see in more expensive tools. 2) The support is excellent - probably the best in class. In fact, they surprised me with the fast response. 3) The price is much more afforable than other similar tools. Thus, from a value perspective, this tool is excellent.

We are looking for a comprehensive CRM too for our growing business. This tool strikes the optimal balance between feature rich, ease of use, comprehensive features, good support, and excellent price.

Te Wu PMO Advisory LLC

Shaheen Mazloom

We were using HubSpot and HubSpot was okay, but it wasn't really geared to our industry type, like trying to track renewal dates and converting from a lead to a deal and different things like that. ConvergeHub would be the solution to all that and it streamlined the process and really cut back on the busy work.

The big thing ConvergeHub does for us is it really helped us with the integration of PandaDoc, definitely decreased our time to get the app built out and being able to automatically send it to the PandaDoc. That's helped a tremendous amount, especially with the cost of what we were dealing with before. That was a huge help. We have had tremendous growth. We've done a lot of things in getting ConvergeHub to get the growth that we have now.

Shaheen Mazloom Owner, Versa Business Systems

Ralf Gerhardt

"Great CRM for a perfect relationship with new + existing customers ..."

The main problem we are solving with ConvergeHub is having good control of our workflow from (online) marketing, to lead generation, to estimates, to sales and possible job problems we need to take care of (creating a ticket). We are also using ConvergeHub to involve our many sub-contractors by giving them all the details of the job and a platform they can add images / videos of the job done. This way all is in ONE place :-).

Ralf Gerhardt Owner, Gerhardt Web Publishing LLC

Bernard Piette

"World Class Capabilities and Value in One Comprehensive Marketing and Sales Platform"

What I like most about ConvergeHub is getting the best value for my money; especially as compared to other offerings such as Salesforce or HubSpot. You just can't beat the value proposition ConvergeHub offers.
Sales, Marketing, Service and Billing all in one platform. In my use case, ConvergeHub also provides a seamless integration with both my Quickbooks and Phone System. Sales automation and Drip Marketing Automation make ConvergeHub an easy choice for cost-conscious organizations.

ConvergeHub helps us solve our Outbound Business Development, Sales and Marketing Automation challenges. The fact it's an integrated system, not a collection of different softwares saves us time and money as compared to using multiple different products to do what ConverHub already does out of the box with a little customization.

Bernard Piette Thinking Capital

Close more Sales

Attract more leads, run campaigns, nurture prospects, automate follow-ups with leads via multiple channels, create quotes, generate contracts and close sales at lightning speed.

Keep Customers forever

Provide an amazing experience as a prospect matures into customer. Resolve issues, answer questions, keep track of every interaction and build lifelong relationship with your customers.

Skyrocket your Productivity

Having a 360-degree view of all customer data, communicating through multiple channels and automating tedious tasks, your team can finally focus on what’s important - the customer.


Sales, Marketing, Support and Billing

Have one unified platform to manage all customer related activities through every stage of the customer lifecycle. Attract leads, close sales, support customers, send invoices, collaborate with your team, and be in control.

Sales, Marketing, Support and Billing

Track opportunities at every stage

Don’t let leads fall through the cracks. Keep a close eye on each and every opportunity by tracking its progress through the stages. Use Dashboards, Summaries, Advanced Search, History, Calendar and Reminders to stay up to date.

Track opportunities at every stage

Productivity Shortcuts

Use Productivity Shortcuts such as pre-built templates,
auto-generation of agreements, intuitive one-click navigation, quick capture forms and saved searches to get more done and shorten the time taken to go from lead to closed sale.

Productivity Shortcuts

Powerful Automated Workflows

Complete routine tasks automatically through Automated Workflows. Trigger certain actions or a series of actions when a set of specified criteria are met. Whether it is sending emails to customers or following up with prospects or updating fields, Automated Workflows lets you take right actions at key stages of sales process.

Powerful Automated Workflows

Customize for your Business

Hit the ground running with a CRM that is already pre-configured for your business. Create new custom fields of any types, organize into tabs, calculate formula, modify form layouts, update dropdown values, build sales tools and customize any area to adapt ConvergeHub to your own business processes.

Customize for your Business

Customer Portal for seamless experience

Enable seamless borrower experience for your Customers by giving them the ability to freely interact with your business by accessing their own Portal to view information, upload documents, send you notifications and raise customer support tickets.

Customer Portal for seamless experience

Data Analytics and Reporting

Manage better by measuring better. Use intelligent reporting to view revenue trends, lead conversion rates, marketing campaigns, agent performance and much more. Use pre-built reports, create your own reports and visualize them in charts, save frequently used searches or create custom Dashboards to visually track sales stats.

Data Analytics and Reporting

Multi-channel communication

Communicate with your customer through multiple channels while centralizing all conversation in one place. Empower your sales team to have contextual and meaningful discussions with your prospects while communication through any medium that your prospect prefers.

Multi-channel communication

30-minute Demo and Strategy Call

ConvergeHub Growth Team

30-minute Demo and Strategy Call

What time works best?

What makes ConvergeHub CRM unique is its breadth, killer UX (user experience), BPM (business process management) automation and overall flexibility that allows customers to adapt the software to their business processes, not the other way around.

Chuck Schaeffer

Powering Business Growth for
Midsize and Small businesses

Unified and Scalable

Unified scalable platform that is
packed with advanced enterprise-grade
features designed to grow your business.

99.99% Uptime

Fast, secure and high availability through Amazon AWS cloud data centers.

Quick and Easy

Easy to setup and configure, customize in minutes.Simple intuitive navigation to minimizeclicks and maximize productivity.

99% Satisfaction

Fast friendly efficient customer service that ensures your success. Informative videos and articles for 24/7 help.

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Commonly Asked Questions

How is ConvergeHub different from other CRMs? What makes you special?

Glad you asked! ConvergeHub combines the power of heavyweight CRMs with the simple ease of use of smaller-scale CRMs. Midsize or Small Business can use it to hit the ground running and start closing sales right away.

How can I bring data from my current system into ConvergeHub?

You can bring in data from other systems into ConvergeHub through Import feature. ConvergeHub also has open APIs and Zapier integration that can be used to bring in data into ConvergeHub.

Is my data safe in ConvergeHub?

We take the security and privacy of our user data very seriously. All data is hosted on Amazon’s AWS service in facilities featuring stringent 24/7x 365 securities. You can read more about AWS Cloud Security here.

Can I integrate ConvergeHub with my other applications?

Yes. ConvergeHub integrates with many different apps through our pre-built integrations available from our App Store. You can check out our pre-built integrations here.

You can also connect ConvergeHub to other tools with Zapier. Or you can integrate ConvergeHub with almost anything you want our APIs.

How long does it take to deploy?

Most companies can set up ConvergeHub and start using in only a matter of hours.

How can I control who has access to what information in ConvergeHub?

ConvergeHub has Roles and Permissions feature through which you can grant specific level of access to specific users.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Paypal. We also accept bank transfer and check transfer for yearly subscriptions. Please email for more information.

How long are your contracts?

ConvergeHub is a pay-as-you-go subscription-based service (quarterly or annual). You can make changes to the plan as you need to, and the changes will be effective from the next billing cycle.

Does ConvergeHub charge me for the inactive users?

You will be charged for the total number of user licenses that you buy, irrespective of whether the user is active or inactive.

Can I cancel my account?

Absolutely! You can cancel your account any time. Just let our Support team know by creating a ticket or sending an email to and you will not be billed further.

How does the free trial work?

When you sign up for free trial, you instantly get access to our Premium plan for 14 days. You can also sign up for free trial of other plans from the Pricing page. When your trial expires, you can select a plan and pay by credit card to continue using the product. If you choose not to continue, your account will be suspended.

Can I set up different office locations in ConvergeHub?

Yes, ConvergeHub will work perfectly if you have your offices setup in multiple locations. You can create multiple Teams who can collaborate within ConvergeHub and you can use Roles and permissions to decide who can see what information.

How can I learn how to use ConvergeHub?

We have comprehensive Help Guides and short step-by-step Video Tutorials that will help you learn ConvergeHub quickly. Our helpful Customer Success team is always ready to answer your questions. If you need any help, just create a ticket and they will respond with the answers you need.

What if we need help in setting up our account?

Our Customer Success team is always available to help. Just create a Support ticket from the Help section inside ConvergeHub application and they will get back to you with answers.

Have any other questions?

If you have questions about ConvergeHub, please email us at and we will be glad to answer all your questions.