Why mobile CRM is Crucial for Your SMB

Posted by Patricia Jones

We all are aware how indispensable CRM strategies are in today’s business world. From reduced marketing expenditures to superior customer retention rates- the benefits of CRM are never-ending. With the speedy rise in telecommunication and mobile technology, mobile CRM is a perfect tool for those who are on-the-go, since mobile CRM provides essential access to sophisticated data and customized information on the field. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 24% of employees did their work from home in 2015, which shows a formidable rise of more than 20% since 2003. According to the same source, BLS predicts that more than 106 million Americans will telecommute within 2020. Read More

5 Proven Practices for Building Client Relationship with CRM

Posted by RudyS

The success factor of any good B2B (Business-to-Business) company depends largely on strong client relationship, which is especially applicable for small companies and organizations in its early stage. Here are lists of points, what we believe it takes companies to transform them from a vendor consideration set to trusted partners of an organization. Read More

How to Improve Performance by Customer Experience Management

Posted by Patricia Jones

Presently, customer experience has become one of the hot topics, both in B2B and B2C industry. And with this a vast array of outside resources have also suddenly became available to help organizations to understand and improve their CX (Customer Experience). Read More

Gift Giving by SMBs brings good luck during Christmas

Posted by Patricia Jones

It is the month of December where we get into the Christmas spirit with our mulled wine, mince pies and cookies. But is Christmas all about joyful celebrations? Or have we narrowed the definition of Christmas? In the midst of all our parties, we easily lose sight of the true meaning of Christmas i.e. the Act of Gratitude and Giving. Read More

How CRM Improves Customer Service

Posted by Patricia Jones

Customer Service has become the #1 competitive differentiator for any business. That is why now every business is taking special efforts to deliver a good service to the customers. However, only having a dedicated team of customer support professionals is not enough. Businesses need to use customer service software like ConvergeHub to make their customer service rise from Good to Great. Read More

RingCentral Within ConvergeHub – A Smarter Way To Manage Calls

Posted by Patricia Jones

There have been multiple occasions when we have switched between CRM and telecom systems, only to wish if these two applications could be merged. How time saving would it be then?? Read More

What is Omni-Channel Customer Service Experience In CRM

Posted by Patricia Jones

The concept of omnichannel customer experience has apparently originated from marketing. After all, it was none other than the marketing professionals who started tailoring advertising content to different communications media, namely, print, TV, email and now mobile devices. Soon enough, what we experienced was the permanently altered consumer behavior. From learning about a product, evaluating and buying it, sharing opinions about products and service providers (with an ever-widening circle of online friends) to accessing customer support – everything spanned different communications media. Read More

The Guide to Social Customer Service

Posted by Patricia Jones

While few years ago social media was rarely a blip in the business sphere, today it is the prime medium for customer service. Now it’s no longer a question whether or not to use social media – it is all imperative. The businesses, who have embraced this trend proactively, are the real winners. For the rest, this is your chance to compete with your counterparts. Check out this guide and learn how you can deliver customer service through social media. Read More

How to increase buyer engagement with enhanced revenue

Posted by Patricia Jones

In this blog we define the concept of Continuous Engagement that most marketing experts are advocating. Designed for the present digital era, it empowers the companies to successfully engage with the customers during each stage of the customer lifecycle. Read More

How customer support centers benefit from CRM Software

Posted by Patricia Jones

Cloud based CRM systems have become no less than a boon for the businesses who have been struggling to meet the dynamic customers’ needs. All thanks to the CRM’s centralized repository that houses all customer information, giving the customer support centers the ability to get an in-depth insight into each customers’ profile and treat them individually. During the course of customer interaction, customer support agents are better informed about customer’s specific needs that helps them in quickly modifying the level of service in order to match to the customers’ requirements. Read More