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Tips and Tricks

How can you benefit by integrating Microsoft Outlook into ConvergeHub?

Using ConvergeHub CRM Plug-In for Microsoft Outlook, you can easily integrate Outlook contacts, calendar and emails with ConvergeHub database.
Below stated are a few of the benefits of doing so:
•    Timely and accurate contacts and calendar with no mismatch of results
•    Transfer Outlook emails as Cases into ConvergeHub CRM
•    Associate Outlook emails with Leads, Accounts, Contacts and Deals in ConvergeHub CRM.

How can you collaborate with channel partners from ConvergeHub?

Using ConvergeHub you do not have to separately export information to your partners through emails. You can share the business leads, contacts and documents to external party clients (who may or may not be ConvergeHub users) through the CRM itself.
Here is how you can collaborate with partners through ConvergeHub:
•    Refer leads/contacts
•    Share company documents, collateral and case studies.
Accessing the Partner's Network
When the ConvergeHub user refers a lead/contact/business document, the invitee will receive an invitation e-mail. If the invitee is an existing ConvergeHub user, he/she can log into ConvergeHub and can view:
•    Shared file/folder under the Library section
•    Referred lead/contact under the Tools section.
If the invitee is not a user of ConvergeHub, he/she needs to register in ConvergeHub to access the referred information. (The registration is free.) Post the registration done, the invitee can access the ConvergeHub CRM with a similar user interface but with limited features.

When should you convert Leads to Contacts or Deals?

Whenever the lead progress further into the sales cycle or has come into the final stage of negotiation, you can instantly convert it into a contact or deal. On conversion, all the lead details will be transferred into the respective deal/contact listing page.  
In case of custom fields created for leads, you can map them with those of the deal or contact to ensure that none of the details are left behind.

How can you make your marketing campaigns more effective through ConvergeHub?

Blindly running marketing campaigns can never give you guaranteed results. To ensure that you extract the best out of each marketing effort – specific audience targeting and marketing campaign analysis is required.
The ideal way to run a campaign through ConvergeHub:
•    Frame the campaign message
•    Create recipients’ list from targets, accounts, leads and contacts
•    Add segments and criteria in the list to zero in on the right target audience
•    Frame the marketing message
•    Choose the broadcast medium
•    Auto schedule the campaign
•    Share the campaign reports among associates based on user roles
•    Get a quick analytic on campaign performance through Bar, Pie, and Line charts
•    Access detailed information through fields such as Total Sent / Attempted; Opened / Viewed; Link clicked; Un-subscribed; Bounce / Invalid.  

How can you ensure that all your leads get handled the way you want?

ConvergeHub enables you to set up a well-defined sales process for all your leads and deals. Sales process gives a descriptive detail of the activities to be executed for the lead/deal. Once the sales process is created, sales manager can see it for status update.
Creation of the sales process provides a clear view of the completed activities, pending activities and the remaining activities to be carried out by the sales rep.
Below stated is how you can create and benefit from sales process:
•    Select the sales process option
•    Fill in the name and description
•    Choose the status of the sales process as published or unpublished
•    Choose the section for which the sales process will be applicable i.e. lead or deal
•    Add different phases, goals, activities and tools.
•    Set up the deadline.
•    Assign it to the respective sales rep
•    View the sales process applied for every lead/deal through their details page
•    Track the tasks completed in the sales process.
•    Add/edit the sales process as required.

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Common Operations


Get rid of manual feeding of data which is tedious and time-consuming. Use Import File option to import all your Accounts, Contacts, Deals and Leads (in CSV file format) to ConvergeHub database.
ConvergeHub allows you to import up to 2000 contacts directly into the system. If there are more contact records, you receive a notification stating that the total records are more than 2000. In such a scenario, ConvergeHub will first import records till 2000 while it will import the rest later. You will receive a mail when all the contacts get imported into your ConvergeHub account.
Use ConvergeHub's smart duplicate checking functionality to eliminate data duplicity. Share the imported data with the team. Associate it to an existing campaign.


Use ConvergeHub two different search options to find specific data without having to go through the entire list of records:
•    Search field: Perform a quick search by inputting keywords in the Search field.
•    Advanced Search: Put in different criteria to zero in on the data required.
The various combinations of advanced search can be saved and edited with keywords of your desire. The keywords or phrase you have saved will be available in the Saved Searches drop down.

Mass Actions

Use check boxes in the listing pages, to perform mass actions in the CRM records.  Examples of mass actions include –
Add to lists, Mass Update, Mass Delete, Mass Email and Mass Export.

Custom Fields

Create custom fields for different modules, such as - Accounts, Leads, Contacts, Deals and Cases under the General section.  These fields will be available to all the users under your organization's CRM account.
Steps involved under Custom Field creation include:
•    Click on the Custom Fields option under App Set Up.
•    Specify a name for the field.
•    Set the field type like - Radio, Check Box, List, Text field, Text area, and Date field.
•    Choose whether you want the custom field to have advanced search or not.
•    Choose whether you want to publish the custom field or not.
•    Set the help menu for the custom field.
•    Set a default value for field items
•    Choose if you want the custom field to have inline edit option or not.
•    Save to create the custom field for the selected module.

Account Settings

Personalize your company profile through Administrative Setup option under Account Settings. Update details like – company name, website, employee strength, contact number, owner details and address.  Also get a detailed insight into your account subscription, billing history and SMTP settings. Check the list of current users. Add and edit users to the list. Add task, comments, event, and followers. Send notifications and email to them.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the steps involved in creating a web-to-lead form?

Web-to-Lead form or Web-to-Case form creation involves four steps:
•    Select the respective option (Web-to-Lead form or Web-to-Case) under Leads or Cases section.
•    Drag and drop fields in the form
•    Add details such as form heading, customer support agent, button label, form description, form completion message and redirected URL. (where the visitor needs to be redirected after the form is submitted)
•    Generate the code for the form and put it into the website.

What are the ways to add customer complaints/support requests in ConvergeHub?

Customer complaints/support requests are added in the Cases module of ConvergeHub.  
In ConvergeHub, you can add cases through 5 different ways:
•    Manually fill in the Case details.
•    Import cases into ConvergeHub from CSV files
•    Capture cases directly from your company website. Simply create web forms and enable your customers to submit their service requests there. The service requests will be transferred automatically into the Cases module.
•    Import all customer cases from MS Outlook by using ConvergeHub MS Outlook Plug-in.