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‎New Deal

New deal can be added by clicking on ConvergeHub link in the left panel or clicking on ConvergeHub tab in the upper right corner of the deal listing page. Detailed information of the deal can be added through three different sub tabs (general, sales process and tags) which have their own corresponding fields.

  • Name is mandatory field, which you must fill in to create new Deal.
  • You can select the type of deal (Existing business or New business) from the drop down menu.
  • You can set the related account name from the drop down menu.
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  • You can set the deal value.
  • The Deal automatically gets assigned to the person who has created it. To change this, click on the text box and type. An auto-suggestion list of users will appear from which you can select names by ticking the check boxes. One Deal can be assigned to multiple users.
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  • You can set the date by which you expect the deal to get finalized.
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  • You can select the Lead source for the deal.
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  • You can set the probability percentage for the deal i.e. how huge is the chance of the deal to get closed.
  • You can set the status of the deal by selecting any one of the sales stage option from the drop down menu.
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  • Next Step is the field where you can enter the next process you want to execute to close the Deal.
  • You can add the deal image to click the browse button.
  • You can add a description note related to the deal.

Sales Process
You can view the sales process of the deal under this tab.

  • Name of the sales process.
  • You can update the sales process by clicking on the check boxes beside the several tasks.
  • You can click on ConvergeHub tab to update the changes made to the sales process.
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