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Add New Web to Case

Using the Web-to-Case functionality, ConvergeHub users can gather customer support requests directly from their company’s website . Setting up Web-to-Case involves creating the form, setting the form description, message, redirected URL, assigning a customer support professional, submitting button label and finally adding the Web-to-Case form to the website.

New Web to Case form can be added by clicking on convergehub link in the left panel or by clicking on convergehub button in the upper right corner of the Web to Case listing page. Detailed information to the Web to Case form can be added through two sub tabs (Layout and Others) which have their own corresponding fields.

  • Write the form name (compulsory).
  • Under the layout section drag and drop the required fields which you want in the form.
  • Under the Others section, you can perform the following functions:
  • convergehub

  • Select the customer support professional to whom you want to assign the cases to.
  • Set the form description.
  • Frame the success message which will appear to the customers post the successful submission of the form.
  • Give the URL of the website page where you want to take the customers after the submission of the form.
  • Frame the text to appear on the form submission button.
  • Click Next to Preview the form created.
  • convergehub

  • Click on Edit to make changes in the text of the form.
  • convergehub

  • Customize the form by making changes in the Source code.
  • convergehub

  • Click on Direct Link to copy paste the code into the website back-end.
  • convergehub

  • Click on Download option to open the form HTML page. Or else, click on Back to recede. convergehub
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