Alexa ConvergeHub - App Integration & App Store Guide

App Store

ConvergeHub has a comprehensive apps store that allows users to shop for a hoard of third-party apps on per-user/per-month basis. At present, app integration solution is available for – QuickBooks, DocuSign, GoToMeeting, Twilio, and many more.

  • Click here to find the details about the app.
  • Click here to integrate the app in your ConvergeHub user account.
  • Click here to see more of the third-party apps available for use in ConvergeHub.

1. My Apps

This will show the total list of apps selected by you from the Apps Store for use.

  • Click here to complete the settings for a proper integration of the third-party app in your user account. Clicking here will pop up a new settings section where you need to provide the API key, Login Password and Login EmailFor example –
  • Click here to find the details about the app.For example –
  • Click here to go back to My Apps section
  • Click here to remove the app from your My Apps section.