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Case Details

All information pertaining to a case can be viewed from the case details page.

  • The case can be added to your favorites by clicking on convergehub.
  • The case can be followed by clicking on convergehub. By doing so, you will be able to receive all the case updates in the feeds.
  • You can edit the case details by clicking on the convergehub link.
  • You can directly move to the previous or next customer case by clicking on the respective icons.
  • You can navigate away to the previous page by clicking on convergehub.
  • You can add notes, documents, products, events and tasks related to the case by clicking on convergehub
  • You can select the Action drop down menu to Copy or Edit the respective case.
  • Case can be closed immediately by clicking on this button.
  • General tab displays information such as – case number, status, subject, account name, contact name, category, priority, case origin and assigned to support agent name. Please note that all these details get automatically filled in whenever customers submit the complaint through the email id provided in the Mail to Case settings.
  • The support agent can reply to the case by adding the comments in the dialogue box.
  • If required, the support agent can attach a file to the answer.
  • The agent can click on Submit to send the message and the document (if any). Or else, he can click on Cancel.
  • The entire conversation that happens between the customer and the support agent appears in the form of a thread in the lower section of the case details page itself. For instance,

Feed Tab
You can view all the updates/comments on the Case through the Feed tab.

  • You can share link from the convergehub option.
  • You can write your own comment in the comment box and share it with other users by clicking on the convergehub button.
  • You can comment on others comment by clicking on the convergehub link. You can further edit or delete the comment as required.
  • Like and unlike can be posted on Comments by clicking on the convergehub or convergehub option.