Alexa Best Small and Medium Business CRM Software - ConvergeHub

Collaboration (Library)

Collaboration module allows you to invite third party associates to view and update the files and folders. Different from sharing, here you can invite your key business associates who may or may not be ConvergeHub users. When you send an invitation, the invitee will automatically receive an e-mail. If the invitee is an existing ConvergeHub user, he/she can log into ConvergeHub and can view the file or folder under the Library section.

If the invitee is not a user of ConvergeHub, he/she needs to register in ConvergeHub to view the file or folder. (The registration is free.) Post the registration done, the invitee can access ConvergeHub with a similar user interface but with limited features.

1. How to collaborate files and folders?


  • You can view the number of collaborators existing for the respective file/folder. In the above-mentioned example, there is no collaborator added to the file so the number is 0. When you add collaborators, the number will automatically get increased.
  • You can invite collaborators to the file by clicking convergehub on or convergehub

2. Inviting collaborators
When you click on on convergehub or convergehub a new section pops up with the necessary fields to be filled in.


  • You are required to type in the email id of the invitee. If the invitee is an existing user of ConvergeHub, then you can select from the options that automatically appear when you start typing in.
  • You are required to type in the message here.
  • You can set the expiry date of the collaboration period from the drop down calendar.
    You can click on convergehub to cancel the chosen expiry date.
  • When you invite a third party associate to collaborate, you can set the access level from the drop down menu.
    Each access level has certain liberty and restrictions. For instance, if you choose the option editor, then the invitee can upload, download, preview, edit, delete and get link of the file. You are required to choose the option of access level depending how you want the invitee to view or use the file.
  • Hovering the cursor on convergehub option provides a chart stating the access types for each access level category.
  • Once you have filled in all the fields, you can click on convergehub to send the collaboration invitation. If you do not want to send the invitation, click on convergehub.