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Different types of Templates available and how to use them

ConvergeHub provides a series of templates that you can use in the course of communicating with your leads and customers. These templates are predefined mail formats built for the following themes:

  • Business
  • Seasonal Holiday
  • Newsletter
  • Press Release
  • Announcement
  • Business Letter
  • Card
  • Reminders
  • Invitation
  • Offer-based
  • Promotion
  • Events
  • General
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Inspirational.

You can edit the predefined templates to suit your specific requirements.

How to Use the Templates?

Click on ConvergeHub link in the left column of the Template listing page or click on ConvergeHub button in the upper right corner of the Template listing page.

  • Fill the Name field.
  • Set the broadcast medium for which you want to create the template.
  • Select the Template theme from the drop down.
  • Choose a file from the local drive as the thumbnail image.
  • Select the modules to whom you want to send the template to.
  • Select the variable that you want to add in the Template Verbiage. Click on ConvergeHub to add the variables in the body of the Template.
  • Select the predefined Template category. Choose any one of the template designs under the selected category and click on Apply.
  • Edit the Template layout as per your business requirement.
  • Assign to user.
  • Attach a separate file if required.
  • Create Thumbnail
  • Click on Save. Or else, click on Cancel.