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Edit Events

Event can be edited by clicking on the edit link in the Event details page. You can edit the details of the Event through the General, Recurrence, Invitees and Tags tabs.

  • The General tab helps you edit the general fields of the Event. This comprises the Type of Event which may be Calls or Meetings, Name of the Event, Location, Status, Priority, Public/Private, Related To, All Day, Start Date, End Date, Description and Reminders.

    While all the fields have their own significance, a few important ones have been described below.

  • Related To field helps you edit the organization/enterprise’s name to which the event is associated with.
  • You can schedule the event All Day by selecting Yes or No. ConvergeHub
  • You can change the importance level of the event as High, Medium or Low through through the Priority tab.
  • You can make the event public or private depending on your requirement.
  • You can edit the recurrence of the Event through the Recurrence tab. The event can be set to recur on None, Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly basis. The repeat pattern and end time of the event can also be set here.
  • Invitees can be added or deleted from the Invitees tab.
  • Add invitees to the event by clicking on the ConvergeHub link and then selecting names from Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Users and Teams.
  • You can delete an invitee by clicking on the ConvergeHub icon.