Alexa Best Small and Medium Business CRM Software - ConvergeHub

Edit Product

Product can be edited by clicking on the ConvergeHub link in the Product details page or by clicking on the inline edit icon ConvergeHub from the Product Listing page. The Product details can be edited from the tabs – General, Price, Stock, Other and Tags.

  • You can edit information of the Product such as Product Name, Product Code, Vendor Name, Manufacturer, Product Type, Product Category, Assigned To and Product Image from the General Tab.

    Image Cropping

    The size of the product image can be cropped by clicking on the edit option.
    Clicking on the edit option, a pop up window will appear from where the user can do the required image cropping.
    Once the image is cropped according to the required size, Ok option needs to be clicked upon to save the changes made.

  • You can edit the fields related to Stock such as Usage Unit, Qty in Stock, Handler and Reorder Level.
  • Once you have made the required changes to the product details, click on ConvergeHub to complete the editing.