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How lead conversion takes place?

After series of nurturing and communication, there comes a point when the lead finally makes the purchase. At this juncture, you can convert the lead into a contact and deal straight away from the leads section itself. On conversion, all the lead details are automatically transferred into the deal and contact section, saving you from the hassle of doing any manual updating.

  • Click on the Select drop down in the Lead Listing Page and select the option Convert.
    Note:- You get the option of Convert in the Lead Details Page too. Click on Action drop down and select the option Convert there.
    Post clicking on Convert option, a section will pop up:-
  • Click on the check box to copy from library.
  • Click on the check box to copy partner.
  • Click on the check box to create contact from the lead.
  • Click on the check box to create deal from the lead.
  • Add comment in relation to lead conversion.
  • Click on Convert to complete the process. Or else click on Cancel.
  • If you want to add more details during the time of lead conversion, you can click on full convert. This will take you to a longer and more detailed form of lead conversion.
  • Fill the Account related information under this section.
  • Click on Contacts to fill the Contacts related information.
  • Click on Deal to fill the Deal related information.