Alexa Import Targets - ConvergeHub

Import Targets

ConvergeHub allows you to import targets from your locally stored CSV files into the CRM database.

    • Browse for the file that you want to import. ConvergeHub
    • By clicking the check box beside Add to List option, you can select an existing list to which you want to import the file.

Note: You can also create a new list by clicking on the ConvergeHub

    • If your CSV file has one/more headers, then you are required to select the check box. Doing this will help the CRM to map the data according to the headers in the CSV file.


    • You can check for duplicate entries using ConvergeHub’s smart duplicate checking functionality.

When you click on Check Duplicate option, you get the option of selecting the fields for which you want to use the duplicate checking intelligence. Example – Name, Phone, Email etc. Also, you will have to select whether you want the system to ignore the duplicate contacts or update them with the information from the list.

    • Click on ConvergeHub to import the list.
    • Click on ConvergeHub to stop importing the data.


    • Select the user to whom you want to assign the imported contacts.
    • Select the ConvergeHub field where you want the respective data (from the to-be imported list) to get merged into.
    • Fill in yourself or select from the drop down the default value for every field.
    • Click if you want the system to remember the field matching.
    • Click on Continue to proceed with the file import. Or else, click on Cancel to stop proceeding further.


  • You will see the result of the duplicate checking done by ConvergeHub system. Based on the result, you can either ignore the errors and continue or cancel the file import process altogether.

Assignment of imported targets to multiple users
You can import targets to different reps automatically from the system itself.

  • During the time of file import, click on the second option – Data file contains assigned user
  • Select the column in the CSV file which contains the assigned to reps’ name.