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Listing Details

You can get a descriptive view of the list by selecting the respective list in the Lists Listing page.

  • You can bookmark the list by clicking on ConvergeHub.
  • You can edit the list by clicking on the ConvergeHub link.
  • You can navigate away to the previous page by clicking on ConvergeHub.
  • You can subscribe accounts, leads and contacts to the list by clicking on ConvergeHub.
  • You can select the Action drop down menu to Edit the respective list. ConvergeHub
  • A new Segment can be added when you click on ConvergeHub.
  • General tab displays information such as- Subscribers, Created By, Last Modified By and Description. At the bottom it displays Accounts, Leads and Contacts subscribed to this List.
  • The Segments created under this List are displayed in the Segment tab.
  • ConvergeHub

  • Number of Leads subscribed to the list is displayed.
  • More data can be added from the CRM database to the existing lead list.
  • You can add a new lead to the list.
  • You have two types of views for the listing i.e. column view ConvergeHub and row view ConvergeHub. You can select the view depending on your requirement.
  • The display of various Lead fields can be customized by making mouse hover on ConvergeHub and then selecting the required fields you want to display.
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