Alexa Best Small and Medium Business CRM Software - ConvergeHub

Mail to ConvergeHub

ConvergeHub provides the admin the benefit to automatically record all the mails that they send from the CRM application. To avail this feature, you just need to click on convergehub option in the left panel under the Administration Setup section.


  • ConvergeHub provides a specific email address to every admin. While mailing to leads and contacts from the CRM, you can keep this email address as CC or Bcc in the emails. Doing this will automatically add the mails into the respective leads or contacts details page.
  • Click on Enable to select this option and avail the feature. Or else, click on Disable.
  • Add all the email addresses that you use while communicating with leads and contacts. Once you add the email addresses, the CRM system will take a note of it and update it in its database.
    Note: Only the emails sent from the recorded email addresses (with ConvergeHub email address as CC or Bcc) will be saved and added to the respective leads or contacts details page.
  • In case you send an email to a new lead or contact whose details are not stored in the CRM, you can decide whether ConvergeHub will:
    • save it as a lead
    • save it as a contact
    • do nothing with the new email contact
  • Click on Save to complete the settings. Or else, click on Cancel.