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New Automation

New automation can be added by clicking on ConvergeHub link in the left column or by clicking on ConvergeHub tab in the upper right corner of the automation listing page.

  • Under the Automation tab, you will be able to enter the Automation Rule Name.
  • The automation Status can be set as Active or Inactive. When the automation is set as Inactive, the various threads which were initiated during the active automation status will still be executed as per automation schedule.
  • The Trigger Point is the field where you can select the point when an automation will be triggered.
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  • The Module field will help you select modules such as Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Deals, Targets, Products and Cases to which you can relate the automation.
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  • The Trigger field lists general actions such as Add, Delete, Edit and Schedule, which you can select to schedule when the automation will be initiated.
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  • If you will select Schedule from Trigger, then the Automation Schedule section helps you to set the recurrence of the Automation.
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  • Automation can be scheduled to occur Daily or you can specify the number of days after which the Automation will be scheduled. You can also choose to schedule the Automation to occur during Weekdays or Weekends. You can also specify the Date Range for the automation.
  • The Automation can be scheduled Weekly by choosing Weekly option. Automation Weekly recurrence can be set by entering the number of Weeks after which the Automation will trigger off. Further you can select for the days of the week for which you want to schedule the automation.
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  • Monthly Automation can be generated by choosing the Monthly option. You can select any of the options i.e. number of days of every month, the day of a week of every month as well the whole Month for which you want to run the automation.
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  • You can define the Criteria of Automation from the Criteria tab.
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  • In the Evaluate field, you can select the fields of the module which you have set in the Related To field.
  • The Operator field helps you choose the logic you want to set in the Automation criteria.
  • The Data Type field helps you select the type of value you want to implement in the Automation criteria.
  • The Value field helps you enter the value of the field which needs to match the Automation criteria.
  • You can add the criteria by clicking on the ConvergeHub tab. Multiple Automation criteria can be added by clicking on the ConvergeHub link which appears after adding the first Automation Criteria.
  • In the Action tab, you can define the actions which should be followed sequentially when an automation is triggered after matching the Trigger, Trigger Point and Criteria.
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    Create Task

  • When you select Create Task from the Action Types field,you need to set the priority of the task as High, Low or Medium.
  • You can assign this Task to users from the Assign To drop down.
  • You can set the Start Time of the task.
  • You can set the Due Time of the Task.
  • You can add a Subject to the task.
  • You can add a description too.
  • Schedule Event

  • When you select Schedule Event from the Action Types Field, you have to select Type which can be Meeting or Calls.
  • Checking the check box Invite this Lead/Account/Contact/Deals (Whoever is selected in the Related To field), you will be able to invite the corresponding people for the event.
  • You can set the Start Time and End Time of the Event.
  • If you want you can invite other invitees from the Invitee field.
  • You can enter Subject and Description of the Event you want to create.
  • Email Notification

  • When you select Action Types Email Notification, you will be able to create the action to send email notification to users and to the corresponding people i.e. whoever is selected from the Related To field
  • From Send To field, you can select All Users or Specific User. Selecting Specific User, a field will open up to select the desired users by clicking on the check boxes.
  • By checking the check box for the field Notify Contacts, you can send this email notification to the Contact/Deals (Whoever is selected in the Related To field after matching the Criteria).
  • You need to enter the subject of the email.
  • You need to enter the body of the email here.
  • You can select the Template of the email by selecting the desired name of the Template from the Select Email Template drop down.
  • You can enter the variables that you want to display by selecting them from the drop down option. You need to click on the ConvergeHub tab to add the variable to the email template.
  • Add to List

  • When you select Add To List, you will be able to add the selected elements after matching the Criteria to the existing List.
  • You can select the List by typing the List name in the field. This will be followed by an auto-suggestive drop down from where you can select the existing List.
  • You can create a New List by clicking on the link ConvergeHub
  • Remove from List

  • Remove From List can be selected to remove the elements from the existing List.
  • Stop Criteria

  • Stop Criteria tab defines the Criteria which on matching will execute the actions defined under Stop Action tab.
  • In the Stop Criteria, the Fields that need to be fed through the Evaluate, Operator, Data Type and Value fields are same as Criteria tab.