Alexa Best Small and Medium Business CRM Software - ConvergeHub

New Product

New Product can be added from ConvergeHub link in the left column or by clicking on ConvergeHub. Detailed information on the Product can be added through the General, Price, Stock, Other, and Tags tabs.

  • General tab lets you input information such as the Product Name field (which is compulsory). Other general information includes Product Code, Vendor Name, Manufacturer, Product Type, Product Category, Assigned To and Product Image.
  • All the details related to Price i.e. Currency, Unit Price, Commission Rate, Tax and the option of Taxable or not can be fed through Price tab.
  • After the completion of each tab, click on ConvergeHub to proceed to the other tab.
  • Once you have put in all the details of the product, you can share comments about it through the feed tab. In addition to the comments, you can also post and share a product-related link, link name and comments about the link.