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Power of Multichannel marketing

Multichannel Marketing holds immense value proposition to the fast-growing small and medium-sized businesses. It gives them the power to implement a consistent and exhaustive marketing strategy across multiple communication channels without going too hard on their budget.

They do not have to face the tussle between extensive marketing campaigns and restricted financial capacity. Using a strong multichannel marketing solution, they are able to:

  • Provide consistent offers and experiences across multiple channels and business lines
  • Provide customers the flexibility to choose from any of the several channels for communications
  • Map optimal distribution and performance of channels.

ConvergeHub offers Multichannel marketing functionality within its fully-functional, web-based customer engagement management application. It helps businesses frame and execute marketing campaigns across five channels.

1. E-mail marketing: Using ConvergeHub email marketing functionality, users can add, edit or create email templates to deliver engaging and personalized messages to their targets. leads, contacts and customers.

2. SMS & FAX Marketing: ConvergeHub has tied up with a third-party associate called Twilio (a leading cloud communications company). Twilio users can execute both SMS & Fax Marketing through the ConvergeHub platform. Others just need to build an account in Twilio to avail the benefit.

3. Social Marketing: ConvergeHub is integrated with Twitter along with upcoming integrations with Facebook and LinkedIn. Users can post/tweet promotional message about their business in all these leading social channels from ConvergeHub itself without having to separately log into their social media profiles.

4. Voice Broadcast: ConvergeHub is soon to integrate Voice Broadcast functionality within its platform. Post which, users will be able to send out personalized, interactive voice broadcasts from within the CRM platform.

5. Print Marketing: ConvergeHub provides the functionality of PDF conversion. Users can convert their marketing collaterals to PDF format, get it printed and distribute it to deliver the marketing messages to their target audience.

Finally, with the power of ConvergeHub Multichannel Marketing functionality, small businesses get to capitalize different broadcast methods and also analyze and compare customer behaviors across these channels. Inevitably, this results into better strategy building for improved marketing returns.