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Predefined Reports

ConvergeHub offers its users 10+ Predefined reports in sales, marketing, customer support, and inventory management modules. You can go through these ready-made report templates, customize it as per your requirement and use it for your regular business analysis.

You can get a complete view of the pre-defined reports through the pre-defined reports listing page. Information like Name of the report, report format type and related module and so on are mentioned in the listing.

    • You can perform a quick search by inputting keywords in the Search field.
    • You can also search Pre-defined Reports by using various search criteria through the Advanced Search link.


  • The various combinations of advanced search functions can be saved and edited with keywords of your desire and can be used to search repetitively. The keywords or phrase you have saved are available on the Saved Searches drop down.
  • By selecting check boxes beside the Pre-defined Reports, you can select them all and Mass Update them from the action drop-down
  • By selecting check boxes beside the Pre-defined Reports, you can perform action on them from the select drop-down. convergehub
  • The display of Pre-defined Report fields can be customized by making mouse hover on convergehub and then selecting the required fields you want.
  • You can select check boxes from the action drop down.
  • You can add new reports to the CRM database by clicking on convergehub tab.
  • The listing of Pre-defined Reports can be viewed in in both column and row formats. convergehub
  • Pre-defined Reports listing page is paginated and you can set the number of Reports you want to display per page.