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Quick Reporting feature using Advanced Search

ConvergeHub offers Advanced Search option, to help you locate specific information based on one or multiple criteria. Without having to go through the entire list of records stored in the CRM, you can use the Advanced Search to filter the data in a flash. This serves the purpose of a quick reporting feature too.

When the time is short and deadline quick, you can ditch generating a full-fledged and detailed report, and rather use the Advanced Search functionality to filter the data and get a view of the facts in the listing page itself.

The various combinations of advanced search criteria can be saved and edited with specific terms of your desire. The keywords or phrase you have saved are available under the Saved Searches drop down. As and when required, you can use these terms to access the past searches made.

To Use the Advanced Search:

  • Click on Advanced Search in the listing page of the CRM.
  • Set the criteria based on which you want to filter the records. For instance in the below screenshot, we have chosen ‘Lead Assigned To James Clarke’ as the criteria for filtering the data. That means only the leads assigned to James Clarke should appear in the list.
  • Click on Search to filter the data
  • Type in the Search Phrase and click on Save. This will store the criteria under the Saved Searches drop down. So that next time, you just need to click on the saved phrase to filter the data as per the same criteria.
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