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Recycle Bin

Recycle Bin is the repository of all those data that is deleted from any module of the CRM system. Through the Recycle Bin, the user can restore the deleted data to its original place or remove the data permanently from the system.

Recycle Bin can be accessed by clicking on Recycle Bin icon at the left column.
Recycle Bin

  • You can search for a specific data by putting relevant keywords in the Search field.
  • You can carry out an advanced search of the different data by filling in the advanced search criteria through the Advanced search link.
    Recycle Bin
  • You can mass update the deleted data by selecting them (through the check box) and then clicking on the action drop down option. For example :
    Recycle Bin
  • The listing of data can be viewed in in both column and row formats. Recycle Bin
  • You can click on the check-box to select one or multiple data for mass update. Again, mass update can be carried out through the Action drop down option.
  • You can restore a deleted data by clicking on Recycle Bin icon.
  • You can permanently delete a data from the CRM by clicking on Recycle Bin icon.
  • You can set the number of rows to be displayed on the recycle page by clicking on the show drop down option.
    Recycle Bin
  • You can navigate to the next or previous pages by clicking on Recycle Bin icon.