Alexa Security Setting Guide- ConvergeHub

Security Setting

As an administrator you can exercise greater control over user access to ensure security of your data in ConvergeHub. You can define security levels from Security Setting link ConvergeHub available under Administration setup section.

  • You can redefine Session Time Out value to stay logged in to your ConvergeHub account.
  • You can define the number of Invalid Login Attempts allowed. After that the software will prevent you from logging in. This can be used as a protection against hacking.
  • Set the time in Lockout Reset Period after which the user will be allowed to login again after failed attempts.
  • Define the duration for which the Password Validity Link will remain active. After that period the user will have to regenerate the request.
  • Clicking on the ConvergeHub button will save the security settings made. Clicking on ConvergeHub will nullify the process.