Alexa Target Details - ConvergeHub

Target Details

All the information pertaining to a Target is displayed in the Target details page under the four sub tabs: General, Address and Other.

    • The target can be added to your favorites by clicking on ConvergeHub.
    • The target can be followed by clicking on ConvergeHub. By doing so, you will be able to receive all the lead status change and updates in the feeds.
    • You can edit the target detail by clicking on the ConvergeHub link.
    • It displays general information like the First & Last Name, Type, Account Name, Industry, Lead Name, Phone No, E-mail and Comments.
    • Multiple addresses of the Target can be viewed from the Address tab.


    • In the Other tab, significant information like Department, Annual Revenue, Birth date, Website, Created by, Description, Title, No of employees, Last Modified By, Description and Comments is displayed.


  • The ConvergeHub icon will take you to the previous page.
  • The ConvergeHub icon helps you add/create target-related List, Notes, Products and Tags. You can also add/create target-related files in the library.
  • You can copy, edit, convert a target to a lead and add a target to a list by clicking on the action drop down. ConvergeHub

Feed Tab
You can view all the updates/comments on the Target through the Feed tab.

  • You can also share link from the ConvergeHub option.
  • You can write your own comment in the comment box and share it with other users by clicking on the ConvergeHub tab.