Alexa Target Listing - ConvergeHub

Target Listing

You can get an overview of all the targets in the target listing page. Name of the target, account name, industry, type, phone no and conversion status are all mentioned here.. New target can be added to the Listing page either by clicking on ConvergeHub link in the left column or by clicking on ConvergeHub tab in the upper right corner of the page.

    • You can carry out a quick search of different targets by putting keywords in the ConvergeHub field.
    • You can carry out an advanced search of the different targets by filling in the various search criteria. The search criteria will open up once you click on the ConvergeHub link.


    • You can save the criteria that you put in the Advanced Search option. The criteria you save will be available on the ConvergeHub drop down. Doing this will prevent you from typing in the same criteria repetitively.
    • You can click on the check-box to select one or multiple targets for mass update.
    • The targets can be added to your favorites by clicking on ConvergeHub icon.
    • You can edit the detail (name, account name, industry and phone no) of the target by clicking on the inline edit option.
    • You can get the options of adding comment and sending email to a target by hovering the cursor on it.
    • By selecting check boxes beside the Targets, you can perform multiple actions ( Add to lists, Convert to Lead, Mass Update and Email.) on them from the action drop-down.ConvergeHub
    • You can add a target by clicking on ConvergeHub tab on the upper right corner of the page.
    • You have two types of views for the listing page i.e. column view and row view ConvergeHub. You can select the view depending on your requirement.
    • The display of various Target fields can be customized by making mouse hover on ConvergeHub and then selecting the required fields you want to display.


    • You can edit ConvergeHub or delete ConvergeHub a target by hovering the mouse on it.
    • You can add comment, copy and email to the target by clicking on Select drop down option. ConvergeHub


  • You can export any target to CSV ConvergeHub or PDF ConvergeHub format. You can also delete a target detail by clicking on ConvergeHub.
  • The Targets listing is paginated and you can set the number of the targets you want to display per page.