Alexa User Details Guide - ConvergeHub

User Details

The User details page shows the details added to a corresponding user account. The information is view able through the General, Address, Settings and Tags tabs.

  • The user can be followed by clicking on.ConvergeHub
  • You can edit the user detail by clicking on the ConvergeHub link.
  • The General tab includes information of the user such as Name, Phone number, Email address, Social site links etc.
  • You can see the address of the User in the Address tab.
  • Time zone, Language, Currency, Date etc. is defined in the Settings tab.
  • The tags attached to the corresponding user can be seen from Tags tab.
  • The ConvergeHub will take you to the previous page
  • You can add a sub panel of roles, teams, events and tasks by clicking on ConvergeHub
  • You can copy and edit the user detail by clicking on the action drop down option.

Feed Tab

You can view all the updates/comments on the User through the Feed tab.

  • You can share link from the ConvergeHub option.
  • You can write your own comment in the comment box and share it with other users by clicking on the ConvergeHub tab.
  • You can comment on others comment by clicking on the ConvergeHub link. You can further edit ConvergeHub or delete ConvergeHub the comment as required.
  • Like and unlike can be posted on Comments by clicking on the ConvergeHub or ConvergeHub option.