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What is Lead, Account, Contact and Deal?


Leads are the prospective clients who have shown interest in the product or service. They can be categorized as unqualified contacts or sales opportunities who have chances of turning into real-time customers after adequate nurturing.

Marketing agents gather chunks of leads from trade shows, seminars, advertisements and other digital and traditional marketing campaigns. ConvergeHub gives the benefit to store all the leads together in one place and work upon them. Once qualified, they can be converted into an account and contact in ConvergeHub.


Accounts are the companies that you deal with. Understanding the fact that in a typical B2B scenario, often you need to interact with different members of the same organization, ConvergeHub allows you to store multiple contacts for a single account.

Not just this, ConvergeHub enables you to add as many contact information like phone numbers, email addresses, fax, social links etc to an account. You can categorize your accounts based on the parameters added. By keeping all your accounts organized and listed, it plays a major role in keeping all the dealings streamlined and easily trackable.


Contacts categorically refer to individuals with whom you deal with in relation to purchase or sell. They represent the organization with whom your company has cracked deals or hold communications for business opportunities. Majority of the contacts are leads who have qualified and got converted into sales. While an account is fixed, the contacts within it keep changing.

ConvergeHub allows you to link multiple contacts to an account. You can add and update comprehensive information about the contacts in the details page. Any time required, you can get a summary of all communications that have ever happened between your company and the contact.


Deals are the successful sales that you make. Often companies also store those transactions in the deals section that are in the last stage of closure. In lieu of this fact, ConvergeHub enables you to raise quotations and invoices from within the deals section itself.

Further, you can add comments or create notes, contacts or library for every deal. Whenever required, you can also perform actions like copying or editing the deals.