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Greg Demetritestimonial

Greg Demetri,
ClkClk Inc

We have a very aggressive sales and marketing team requiring real time updates to team calendars and meetings. With ConvergeHub we get the flexibility of using it from any device any time and having all our documents, templates and canned emails stored in ConvergeHub, it makes everything so easy on ConvergeHub CRM. I am excited to see my sales and marketing team becoming more and more productive. Thanks to ConvergeHub!

Salvatore Carrabbatestimonial

Salvatore Carrabba,
Salamander Designs

Having a diverse sales team, we were finding it difficult to manage all our custom processes and workflows through some of the existing packaged Cloud CRM products. We then came across ConvergeHub and have been using the plaform for over six months and the experience has been a good one. The CRM is highly sophisticated and able to handle all our custom workflows very easily without the need for expensive customization and most importantly ConvergeHub support has been very responsive. I can recommend ConvergeHub to virtually any business looking for a powerful and flexible CRM solution.

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