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Non-Traditional Ways To Tell Your Clients Thank You

Thanksgiving is more than just about the turkey and the stuffing. It is a time to reflect and give thanks for many great things in our lives. But while we show gratitude to our family, friends, acquaintances and employees, our customers remain left behind.  Read More

NonTraditional Ways to Tell Your Clients Thank You



Are you running email marketing campaigns the right way? Take a test in this Step-by-Step Guide

Email Campaign is the most commonly used marketing tool. But while almost every business uses it, very few gain the desired success out of it. Why? Reason is that most businesses are not fully aware of its fundamentals and thus, make mistakes while creating email campaigns from scratch. This blog covers the basic steps of bringing an email campaign to fruition. Read and incorporate the steps in your next email campaign.  Read More

Are you running email marketing campaigns the right way? Take a test in this Step-by-Step Guide



Learn about entrepreneurship lessons straight from the experts

Starting a business is considered to be an uphill task. While majority of the young minds want to venture into entrepreneurship, they are hesitant to do so. Reason – The initial steps of starting a business is unknown. It is this vagueness of idea, the fear of the unknown or failure that prevents many from taking that crucial first step. Moreover, many find starting a business an overwhelming process in the mistaken belief that they have to start from scratch. The thinking is: I’ll have to come up with a product/service no one has ever done before - then only will my business survive. However, experts believe that starting a business is not always reinventing the wheel. Rather business entrepreneurs should focus on business growth. Example - How can I improve on my business? or Can I deliver this service better from the other competitors?  Read More

Entrepreneurship lessons



How to improve customer service through metrics?

Making smart business decisions without metrics is like driving the car with eyes closed. While taking care of the metrics is primarily the job of the marketing department, as a business owner it is incredibly important to view the quality of your customer service through the metrics lens.  Read More

Customer Service Improvement





Why your CRM should be flexible enough to be a change agent?

WE know - In a time when business success is dependent on customer satisfaction, a cutting-edge CRM solution is the key to ensure the smooth operation of any organization. And we also know that to gain the benefits of CRM in real, we need to choose a CRM platform that closely reflect the type and needs of the business. Is doing that difficult? Not really. Although options are plentiful and we are faced with an embarrassment of riches when it comes to choosing a CRM vendor, emphasis upon right selection factors helps sail easily through the process. So what are the typical factors to consider while choosing new CRM platform or, alternatively assessing the performance of the system already in use –  Read More

Flexible CRM



Social CRM – what you need to learn about it from Paul Greenberg

2013 witnessed mass integration of social media channels into business operations. From just experimentation, entrepreneurs embraced social business and simultaneously adopted social media monitoring tools to deliver on-time social customer service. In the words of an expert – ‘’ Businesses have recognized the value of human connection; which is why they have put the effort to build authentic and relevant connections more than ever. Last year, nearly all the major networks attempted to make themselves socially attractive with the introduction of analytics tools and more unconventional advertising models. Consequent to which 2013 saw Twitter make its debut in the corporate social media.’’  Read More

Social CRM



ConvergeHub Mobile CRM App - Why Every Business Should Use?

One year back, if someone would have surveyed most favorite business mobile apps– then probably Meeting Mapper, EchoSign and Evernote would have acquired the top position. After all, these apps help business entrepreneurs outsmart their daily work challenges. Yet recently, a business app which has rapidly gained a foothold among the C-level executives is – Mobile CRM app. Forrester Research in 2008 found that more than 40% of SMB entrepreneurs were rolling out or currently using smart phone applications for sales  Read More

ConvergeHub Mobile CRM App



8 tips to make your cold call a success

Most sales reps dread making the cold call. But then who doesn’t? Especially, when you know you’re interrupting someone to get something out of them; perhaps information, a meeting or a new sale. However, according to a section of experts, picking up the phone is one of the best prospecting tools and one of the best ways to meet with customers. So here we have got tips (framed by the best front line sales managers) to help you make the perfect call every time.  Read More




Next 6 steps to choose the right CRM for your business

Having discussed the first six steps to evaluate a CRM, let’s proceed to the remaining six which will sail you to the right CRM selection. 7. Reports/Key Insights Think about what metrics you as the business owner/manager need to see – and make sure the CRM you choose will readily provide you with those insights. Key insights include:  Read More

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