Why Your Predictive Dialer Needs To Have A CherryPicker Feature

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CherryPicker Feature in Predictive Dialer

Predictive dialers are great tools, the next step in the evolution of contact/call center tools.

But not all predictive dialers are created equal just like not all of your contacts have the same priority for your company.

Smart prioritization means combining the best of machine and human intelligence to improve the waiting experience of your contacts.

One of such tools is what we call the CherryPicker: a call extractor with human intuition.

If all agents are attending calls, a call extractor or queue can help agents prioritize which calls to take next based on different criteria and aided by statistics by showing calls in queue and answer priority clients with just one click.

Imagine you have a busy call center, where hundreds or thousands of calls are answered every day, but you are waiting for the call of those few clients who are crucial to you.

Having a CherryPicker feature will ensure every single one of those very important calls are given the priority they deserve, and you won’t have to wait for a return call or follow up.

It ensures you get the right calls whenever they happen instead of being based on your call center's availability.


If this is not enough, here are the main reasons why your predictive dialer should have a CherryPicker feature:

1) Contact Value prioritization

Clients from important accounts to the company can be flagged and taken from the call extractor by agents, no matter who called first.

In such cases, the agent can take a look at the caller profile to assess its priority quickly.

2) Answering callers further in the sales funnel

Giving precedence to callers in a more advanced stage of the sales funnel or leads from accounts with high revenue potential.

We don’t want to keep them waiting, and that’s why agents can pick these calls out of the queue and answer them based on their prioritization.

3) Contacts with previous issues or open cases can get attention quickly

Smart predictive dialers recognize numbers from callers following specific rules (a hot lead, a client with an open case, etc.) and route this calls in the same way they were routed the last time, after getting to this pool and while using the CherryPicker, agents can quickly check if the contacts in the queue have had recent issues or open cases (for support, complaints, etc.).

In such situations, the agent can use their discretion to extract a waiting call and attend it immediately. Providing quick services in this cases can save a relationship.

4) Improve caller satisfaction

By improving the waiting experience of high priority clients, the overall caller satisfaction of your contact center improves since high-value customers have an added weight when it comes to service measuring.

A smart call extractor feature (like iNexus’ CherryPicker) is definitely one of the features you should look for when considering a predictive dialer for your contact center.


Rudy Salazar is Co-founder and Sr. software developer at NexInteractive since 2005. A technology visionary who has developed iNexus. This is the world's most advanced feature-rich call center Softswitch platform for all outbound dialing methods and dynamic Inbound IVR call interactions. Rudy holds two patents, one in a Softphone IP technology “Paragon” and the other in a speech recognition analytics process delivering the best of breed across the board. He was the CTO of several enterprise software, cloud, and telecom companies and led US Sprint in a national data center deployment for Internet access via a fast dial-up, and fiber end points to customers. He specializes in U.S. and global software growth and market entry strategies.

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