Top benefits of implementing CRM for Small Business owners

Posted by Glory Eke

CRM for Small Business owners or Customer Relationship Management systems are designed to streamline the processes in your business involving your existing and potential customers. However, if you are a small business owner, you might feel hesitant to use CRM technology, mostly because you may find yourself unfamiliar with this new concept. Even entrepreneurs, who all are not so well versed in technology sourcing, many times avoid using software like CRM for their businesses.

It is indeed true that technology can never substitute human touch when it comes to socialization and communication, but then again, CRM never replaces human employees in term of client management. The key benefit of using CRM for small business includes helping organizations to improve customer relationship and employ performance.

Here are some of the 10 top benefits of implementing CRM for Small Business owners:

1. Organization
CRM system provides organized and safe storage of customer related information. Using this technology helps in storing all your client information in one place, and it can be only accessed by authorized users. Once you start using CRM software, you can walk away from cluttered filing cabinets or stop using multiple Excel files to store records of your customer data. CRM ensures that your customer data always remains updated, easy to access, accurate, and secured.

2. Faster exchange of communication

Unlike emails, which can be cluttered, CRM has a separate platform for receiving and sending client communication through multiple sources such as email, social media messages, and SMS. Therefore, using CRM software your client management personals can easily view client messages and also respond to their issues promptly.

3. Efficient scheduling and tracking

It is natural that when people do everything manually, there are chances of many tasks and deadlines falling through the crack. However, using a CRM for Small Business will help you and your team to monitor your marketing campaigns and schedule your activities accordingly.

4. Improved Marketing Statistics

CRM helps you to analyze your customer’s data more precisely, which aids in pinpointing your customer’s needs. Proper and efficient analysis of customer data using the CRM system helps in cross selling your other or new products, which are in line with your customer’s previous purchases. Therefore, CRM for Small Business helps in increasing your sales and find better results in conversions.

5. Close Analysis of Customer Data

Implementing CRM in your business helps you to track every move made by your customers, which results in better client relation and improved service to your customers. CRM system also helps in finding leads that have the same criteria and wants as your current customers.

6. Better Team Collaboration

Converged CRM for the small business like ConvergeHub and others helps your company employees to collaborate with all the departments in your organization. Since all the customer data is saved in one unified system, CRM aids in better exchange of information between Sales, Marketing, Accounts (Billing) and Customer Support. Employees using CRM can also share marketing ideas that are specifically targeted towards your customers and similar leads.

7. Targeted Lead Generation

CRM software can help you to concentrate precisely on your target markets. Using this technology, you can apply your marketing campaign towards individuals who have a higher interest in your product and services. Using CRM for Small Business, you can also create personalized email campaigns, which are more convincing and impactful for bringing in conversions.

8. Automation

Most businesses have repetitive tasks, such as sending monthly reports or scheduling marketing campaigns and weekly follow-ups. All these processes can be programmed into the CRM software using Salesforce Automation (SFA) tools, so that your employees may no longer handle the monotony of all these activities.

9. Integration with other third party software

Many CRM for Small Business (like ConvergeHub CRM) can be seamlessly integrated with other programs such as project management, accounting, enterprise resource planning, supply chain management, and data processing software. This allows your organization to match your customer information with all other business processes within your company.

10. Superior Customer Service

With close communication and timely response, once you adopt CRM technology for your organization, customers will be happier to work with you, as they will understand and recognize your efforts in keeping them happy. Happy customers are the bloodline of any company as they increase customer retention and bring in referrals, which lead to growth in sales and ROI.


As a small business owner adopting a CRM system for your business, will definitely help you to achieve growth, however, you need to choose your system wisely. Therefore, jumpstart your selection process, in case you need any help in choosing the best CRM for your SMB, contact us for your free trial of ConvergeHub CRM by clicking on this link or writing in the comment box below.

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