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Give those days a miss when you hop between two applications to manage your customers and finances. ConvergeHub integrates with the #1 accounting solution for small business - QuickBooks. 

ConvergeHub + QuickBooks integration will primarily offer three central features.

Take a walkthrough to see yourself how this integration will help you in running your business. Quick, prompt and effective – ConvergeHub now gives you the power to manage everything from one platform.

• Instant Synchronization between QuickBooks and ConvergeHub

QuickBooks & ConvergeHub Synchronization

Benefits you will get:

• Automatically syncing your QuickBooks and CRM (ConvergeHub) data without any manual effort

• Using ConvergeHub smart checking intelligence to eliminate chances of duplicate entries

• Sharing the imported data across the organization and keeping your entire team always up to date.

• Visibility to all Customer Invoices

Past Customer Invoices

Benefits you will get: 

• Using the CRM to see customers’ invoice history anytime anywhere.

• Getting all the invoices of your customers pinned to their respective accounts details page.

• Having a single view of your customers’ details and invoice records without juggling between two separate applications.

• Send/Print Invoices from ConvergeHub

Send/Print Invoices

Benefits you will get: 

• Closing deals fast and building your business in real time.

• Creating invoices from within the CRM by reviewing your contact’s complete information stored there. 

• Sending the invoice immediately through email. Or else printing the invoice and sharing it with key associates.

Setting up QuickBooks Integration

1. Go to Apps Store 

Setting up QuickBooks Integration

• ConvergeHub has a comprehensive apps store that allows users to shop for third-party apps.

• App integration solution is available for – Quickbooks, Docusign, GoToMeeting, Twilio, and many more.


2. Read details about QuickBooks App

Details about QuickBooks App

•Click on ‘Details’ to learn the exact functionality that QuickBooks app integration will provide you in the CRM.


3. Get App and Link your QuickBooks Offline account

Link Your Quickbooks Offline Account

• Click on the 'Get App' button to bring QuickBooks Offline in My Apps section.

Click on Get App Button to Bring QuickBooks Offline

• Click on 'Settings' to connect the QuickBooks Offline account with ConvergeHub.

Click on Get App Button to Bring QuickBooks Offline

• Download the plugin and complete the installation procedure

QuickBooks Offline -Settings

  • Start using QuickBooks Offline within ConvergeHub. 

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