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Customize, Extend and Build Solutions on ConvergeHub Platform

Leverage ConvergeHub’s secure, reliable, and scalable Cloud platform to manage your business. ConvergeHub platform delivers flexibility, agility, and extensibility to configure it in the most effective way for your business’s current and future needs. Utilizing ConvergeHub’s open APIs - you can build custom solutions and other organization-specific application enhancements.

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Apps Store

Expedite Your Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service

Streamline workflow by using third-party business apps from ConvergeHub Apps Store. ConvergeHub offers a suite of next-generation apps to connect faster with customers, employees, and partners from one platform. Check out the Apps Store and select from the existing Add-ons that ConvergeHub provides for crucial third-party business management software. At present, app integration solution is available for – Outlook, DocuSign, GoToMeeting, Twilio, Google Apps, Box, Quickbooks, Wufoo, Xero, Freshbooks, Zapier and many more.

convergehub integration

Sales Process

Handle All Your Leads and Deals in an Effective Way

Study the lead/deal history and frame a sales process with different phases, goals, activities, and tools. Set up the deadline for each phase. Assign it to the respective sales reps that follow the sales process and tick off the activities as and when completed. Use the leads/deals details page to check the sales process applied for each of them. See how the lead/deal moves through the different sales stages. Get a quick view on the progression made by the sales reps in the sales process. Keep a track of the tasks completed through Total Goal/Activity Percentage. Add/edit the sales process as required to find and eliminate any bottleneck.

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Automation Workflow

Eliminate Manual Work and Reduce Operating Costs

Standardize your business process with ConvergeHub. Use ConvergeHub Automation Workflow Management to computerize your day-to-day tasks related to sales, marketing, and case management. Implement triggers, alerts, and actions. Set rules and descriptions to automatically initiate activities, based on the given criteria. Define conditions for an automation to stop, on the change of certain parameters.

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Custom Fields

Use Organization-Specific Business Management Software

Customize ConvergeHub by adding custom fields under different modules, namely - Accounts, Leads, Contacts, Deals, and Cases etc. Unlike other CRM whose customizations are lengthy, strenuous, and difficult to implement, ConvergeHub allows easy customization with minimal effort and maximum speed. Simply access Custom Fields option under App Setup section in your Account Setting page – and within a few clicks create an unlimited number of custom fields that synchronize seamlessly with existing ConvergeHub modules.

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