Alexa ConvergeHub Advocate Partner Program
ConvergeHub Advocate Partner Program
Become a ConvergeHub Advocate and Earn up to 30%
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Affiliate Partner Program

Incentivize your influence and earn revenue from your referrals.

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Channel Partner Program

Become a valued partner, not just a referral source. We invest in your success.

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Referral Partner Program

Recognize and reach out to your loyal customer base and incentivize them. Get rewarded for every conversion.

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Highly competitive margins. Includes unique recurring revenue model and quick payout!

Join ConvergeHub’s referral program and get exciting benefits for you and your network. It’s a perfect win-win. Isn’t it?

  • Spread the word:
    Become ConvergeHub Advocate and introduce us to your network as an all-in-one CRM platform and get rewarded.
  • Unlock new revenue source:
    Every successful referral from your end will earn you rewards.
  • Grow your community:
    ConvergeHub’s thriving user community is extending. Become a part of it and its success too.

Referral Benefits: Get Paid for Sharing

As a ConvergeHub Advocate you can participate in our referral program in three ways.

Affiliate Partner Program

  • Frictionless Integration: To help you get started, we get you easy-to-use tracking tools. Using those you can seamlessly monitor your referrals performance. Plus, there will be top-notch marketing materials that help you create communication that resonated with your audience.
  • Incentivise Your Influence: Our Affiliate Program can transform your influence into real income. All yo need is to share the unique affiliate link with your followers. When someone clicks on it and becomes a paying customer you earn 25% of the revenue your referrals generate for the first year.
  • Performance Tracking: Keep a tab on the program performance and get real time insights on your referrals and your earnings. Track your progress and make an informed-decision.

Channel Partner Program

  • Strategic Expansion: Are you an industry influencer, consultant or a reseller with a strong business network? If so, you can partner with us as ConvergeHub Advocate. Simply introduce us to your network and earn a recurring income.
  • Dedicated Account Manager: Become a valued partner, not just a referral source. We invest in your success with a dedicated account manager to guide you, comprehensive training materials to ensure expertise, and co-marketing opportunities to amplify your reach.
  • Profitable Collaborations: Get a 15-20% royalty bonus on the revenue generated by your referrals for the first year. It’s a fantastic way to generate a passive income source.

Referral Program

  • Fuel Growth Together: Let your referrals receive an exclusive welcome offer ( special discount offer or extended free trial period) upon a complete purchase.
  • Share your experience: Following a successful referral, we invite you to leave a review on a trusted platform like Google Reviews, G2, Capterra, or similar others. Your honest feedback helps others make informed decisions and empowers the software industry.
  • Reward Advocacy: Recognize and reach out to your loyal customer base and incentivise them. Get rewarded ( account credit or exclusive product access) for every successful referral ( a customer who signs up and becomes a paying customer). Upto 50% discount on a user license.