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Benefits of Cloud technology, Cloud computing benefits

Technology | by Patricia Jones
Benefits Cloud technology

Learn the Benefits of Cloud technology. Scalability, online storage, cost-effectiveness – are the three most publicized benefits of cloud computing. It won’t be an overstatement to say that based on these multiple benefits large and small companies get convinced of mapping their infrastructure to the cloud. But then are these 3 factors the only advantages of cloud? Or is it that cloud’s biggest benefits are hiding in plain sight?

Well, if you actually think, then post the signing of the agreement, setting up of the cloud process and training of the employees – the actual benefits of cloud occurs, the benefits that are not necessarily mentioned by the cloud vendors themselves.

According to a latest report by Forrester, Cost savings… elasticity…. load bursting are the secondary benefits of cloud. The real ones emerge later that provide far more value to the business than initially planned. Interesting isn’t it?

As the CIO of a leading merchandizing company states – ‘it is amazing to see that post the cloud CRM software implementation, the more substantial benefits of cloud has been realized. I would define these as the icing on the cake. These unexpected but pleasant benefits of cloud have inevitably given my company the much needed opportunity to grow and expand.’’

So what are the unexpected benefits that companies gain from their virtualized setup? Here’s a snippet –

1. Flexibility: Think what holds a business from pursuing new ideas? Lack of time and money.  Let’s say you want to design a new app. Using the cloud technology, new configurations can be up and running within minutes. Since cloud has a pay-for-what-you-use model, you will only pay for the time you use the resources. Consequently, with less time and more money-save, you will get the liberty of constant innovation. Cloud technology will help you try out experimentations with extreme investments, without worrying about time and money.

2. Tried-and-tested formula: Few experts complain that cloud services offer the same platform for all business customers. They perceive cloud to offer homogenized services. However, this same characteristic of cloud can actually be seen in a positive light. Understand that due to the homogenized cloud services, new businesses immediately get exposed to proven formulas, processes and interfaces. Thanks to collective learning and sharing that makes businesses benefit from each other.

3. Quick and smooth mergers: Wonder why are the most mergers so prolonged and delayed? Needless to say it is the transferring of data from one system to another that makes merging a sticking point. Post the introduction of cloud technology, mergers and acquisitions have become relatively smooth and faster. Now consolidating agencies and departments are not an uphill task anymore. No more manual coding of information from system to another. The ultimate benefiter is the end-user who can rapidly access merged data in conjoined organizations using cloud-based systems.

4. Technological investments: Technological resources are the key to flourish in a hyper-competitive global economy. However, how many organizations are able to do so?  To lay hands on the latest technology, organizations need the guidance and leadership of their CTOs and CIOs (who are mostly busy supervising the IT systems). To validate this fact further, many statistics have come up which has shown that close to 80% of IT time and budgets are spent on routine maintenance.

Well, as we all know cloud frees up IT leaders from the boring routine maintenance. They have the time to think and choose the right technology resources for the business.


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