Alexa Alternative Lending Business Needs a Merchant Cash Advance CRM

5 Ways to Tell If Your Alternative Lending Business Needs a Merchant Cash Advance CRM

CRM | by Patricia Jones

Any good easy to use CRM software can alleviate many of the persistent headaches that come with managing alternative funding business that is poised for fast growth.
However, how do you know if your MCA business needs a Merchant Cash Advance CRM software solution?

If you know what is a CRM solution, well then CRM or Customer Relationship Management has been around for quite some time and more to say has in the recent times made a booming comeback, with social CRM technology, with applications focusing more on interactions than on just transactional feedbacks.

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With Cloud-based and SaaS CRM solutions integrating even more features, CRM in all industries and businesses is gaining popularity, that too with easy installation and low initial costs, which can also be accessed through handheld mobile device.

Here in this article let us look into the 5 keys areas that suggest any alternative financing MCA business, just like other industries, need a Merchant Cash Advance CRM .

  1. DO YOU- Wish You Had More Time?

Does it seem to you that you had more time to concentrate on selling your financial products and services to prospective new customers? Or just simply wish that you could have spent less time dealing with admin tasks, such as managing your sales rep’s progress, or locating information and past communications with your customers. An efficient MCA CRM software solution will allow you to store and access all your customer data in CRM, as well as provide you with in-depth analysis on your sales team’s progress- thereby allowing you to focus on other important tasks and manage your office hours more efficiently.

  1. DO YOU- Want More Revenue?

To increase their revenue, all businesses typically invest in improving their sales, and support teams. With the help of a thorough easy to use MCA CRM like ConvergeHub, alternative funding companies can easily afford an insight into their customer information stored in the CRM database.

MCA organizations can view where their best leads and sales are coming from, or which marketing campaign proved successful that in turn enables companies to invest more money and time, in the right areas to maximize growth.

  1. DO YOU- Want To Grow Your Customer Base?

It is natural that in the present times your customers will communicate with you company in a multitude of ways. Now, if they have to deal with different representatives of your organization, every time they contact your MCA firm, having an accurate record of each and every dialogue, in the CRM database, ensures that your debtors do not have to provide details of their contact information, loan history, complaints and other documents needed for establishing their credibility.

All customers want to deal with organizations that understand and is capable of responding to their needs, preferable even anticipate them in advance.

Using a Merchant Cash Advance software helps in treating your customers as individuals, provide them with personal attention, acknowledge their requirements individually, and therefore give the respect they need for doing business with your MCA firm.

Invariably, earning the trust of your customers will also lead to growth in your alternative lending businesses’ revenue.

Using an MCA CRM software solution you can make your customers feel special by targeting personalized messages to your present and would be consumers, helping to better connect with them across multiple communication platforms.

  1. DO YOU- Want To Increase Your Customer Retention Rates?

Over the last few years, customers and prospects have become much more tech-dependent and tech-savvy than they were ever before.

As a result, consumers expect a seamless user experience across every channels and device, whilst at the same instance, they also expect the best possible standards of customer support.

With countless customer choices, building up loyalty among your highest value customers for your organizing is crucial for your alternative lending business.

A Merchant Cash Advance software platform can help in communicating with the existing clients at the right moment, through the right channels, and with the most appropriate message to ensure that your customers come back and better yet become a ‘brand advocate’ of your MCA firm.

  1. DO YOU- Want Better Insight into Your Cash Advance Business?

Not be able to precisely forecast your incoming revenue can cause a lot of stress. Can you predict which of your sales reps is going to close your biggest deals? Alternatively, which of your marketing email campaigns delivered the best returns on your investments?

An MCA CRM software platform should not only allow your business to gather and track that data from its CRM database whenever you choose, but also provide substantial information to help you in making decisions and correct your course of actions and strategies as and when it is needed.


If one or more of this five enlisted areas resonates with you, then for sure you need a Merchant Cash Advance CRM software like ConvergeHub to manage your growing Merchant Cash Alternative Lending business.

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