Alexa Best CRM Software in 2021- Why Your Business Needs A CRM Today

Best CRM Software in 2021- Why Your Business Needs More Than A CRM Today

CRM | by Steve Conway
Best CRM software 2021 for small business

Recently, ConvergeHub, our Customer Lifecycle Management CRM was named Best CRM software in 2021 by ZDNet, a global IT News magazine. Recognitions like these mean a lot to our team. And we thank you all for making this possible!

What makes the best CRM software in 2021? The answer would have been pretty simple in normal times. But today we are living in a new normal. Most of the workforce is working from home. Businesses are forced to downsize. Layoffs and furloughs are a sad reality. And Sales opportunities are shrinking.

 Sales Pipeline 2021

Source- Marketstar

In the new normal, you need more than a CRM. Why?

Businesses are working under tight budgets. So, investing in multiple software is not practical. Most small and medium businesses are working with reduced staff. And, multiple software requires more people with specialized skill sets to manage it. Embedding multiple different software in your business is not a scalable model as it will require complex IT infrastructure and a team to support it.

You need one CRM that can support you in other business operations along with Sales. That will help you get a complete view of your business, manage it from one place and integrate various departments in your business.
Moreover, it will bring consistency in customer engagement across various touchpoints as all your people would be accessing information from one software. So, whether a customer contacts your Sales or Customer Support, he/she would get the same information and the same personalized experience.

Do we have a CRM that does more than Sales Automation?

Yes, ConvergeHub is more than a CRM. It is CRM+. Like all CRMs, our platform helps Sales Teams manage their leads, contacts, accounts, and deals. But it does plenty more.

Marketing Automation: Yes, ConvergeHub is also a complete Marketing Automation software that allows your marketing teams the entire marketing mix. They can manage lists, granularly segment their customers, run targeted campaigns and do more. We have many ready-to-use email templates and other marketing content to kickstart any marketing campaign in a quick time.

ConvergeHub offers powerful campaign management capabilities to manage your leads and convert them into deals. You can-

  • Monitor your marketing performance in real-time with packaged and customizable reports.
  • Track each email campaign result through Total Sent, Opened, Viewed, Link clicked, Un-subscribed, and Bounce.
  • Understand and present campaign results with highly visual, context-rich Bar, Pie, and Line charts for quick analytics.

Customer Support: Excellent customer support is a must to retain customers and delight them. ConvergeHub can help you streamline your entire Customer Support process. It allows you to integrate your sales and post-sales support and manage it from one platform. ConvergeHub empowers your customer support agents with the right tools and resources to handle any customer question. It allows you to capture customer support requests from the website, Case History and Case Management. You can also integrate your RingCentral telephone systems with ConvergeHub to access contextual information during calls.  This helps you provide speedy resolutions to boost customer satisfaction and increase cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.

Billing:  ConvergeHub platform also provides you Accounting and Billing support. You can automate repetitive tasks such as generating quotes, sending invoices, following up with customers, and tracking your payments.

And we have a lot more. You can check out all the features here.

Compare and Then Choose The Best CRM Software In 2021

We suggest you first compare and then make the decision to buy a CRM. That’s the best practice and we understand it. To make your job easier, we have created a CRM comparison tool wherein you can compare ConvergeHub with all the best CRM software in 2021. You can compare CRMs here.

Listen to what our existing customers say about ConvergeHub

We are really thankful to our customers and appreciate their efforts in sharing their experiences at an independent CRM review platform. There are many small business owners like you who have tried ConvergeHub and are happy with its performance. Check it out yourself.

Need Time To Think?

We suggest you take 14 days. But in a better way. We offer a free 14-day trial. There’s no obligation and No Credit Card needed. We can setup ConvergeHub for your business in a few hours. You can start instantly working with it. Put it in real-life business scenarios for the trial. And check the results yourself.

You can try ConvergeHub for free here.

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