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Best Practices Of Contact Management With Easy To Use CRM Software

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Easy to use CRM

It is often said that it takes a decade to build a reputation but just one minute to ruin it.
Any good business strategy not only signifies more closure but it also means repeat business and happy customers.
Now, how can you beget happy customers?
The answer is easy- by understanding their requirements and delivering their needs.
However, to do this you elementarily require more information about your customers and secondly an easy to use CRM or Contact Management software that helps you to build a stronger informational customer profile.

Easy to use CRM is critical for your sales teams.

Patronage by loyal customers yields 65 percent of a typical business’ volume - American Management Association (2018) Click To Tweet

This is because Contact Management software aids them to dig out customer information gathered in the CRM database to find out your customer’s needs, wants and preferences.

Even though for startup organizations and small businesses purchasing a best small business CRM software could stretch their budgets a little, nevertheless, an easy to use CRM software offers certain most essential benefits that can empower your sales, marketing, and support teams.

As a part of your best small business CRM software, a Contact Management solution also features:

  • Centralized storage for contact information
  • Sales tracking
  • Easy to search through your CRM database
  • Email integration
  • Scheduling
  • Lead nurturing
  • Conversion management
  • Document management

Although the requirement for customer data is acknowledged by all in businesses, most organizations especially startups and SMBs fail to create a contact management plan that is integrated with the required touch points needed for converting prospects and nurturing existing customers.

Here are a few contact management best practices for your business using best small business CRM software:

1. Tracking interactions

When an easy to use CRM platform has an integrated Contact Management software it helps in creating a single page for viewing all the interactions between your prospects and your company, which aids sales, marketing and customer support teams in your organization to find quick access to the required information when and where they need it from the centralized CRM database.

Using the best small business CRM software all interactions of phone calls, meetings, emails, and social integrations are logged and stored with the contact information.

Therefore, once you have a CRM in place, a single click can provide you all the information of your leads, prospects, and customers and prepare your teams to make the calls with all relevant information at their fingertips.

Moreover, if you are using a QuickBooks CRM like ConvergeHub, which offers QuickBooks CRM integration free, you can keep on using QuickBooks for accounting, and at the same time see invoice and payment information, customer details, products, directly in your best small business CRM, which you can then use for business process automation, reminders, customer service, and follow-ups.

Hence, by bringing your different teams together Contact Management software when integrated with a CRM helps you to cross-sell and forecast which products or services of your brand can be of interest to your customers.

2. Better understanding of your customer

It is a known fact that customer service is far less expensive than acquiring new customers. According to a recent survey, it has been found that 9 out of 10 consumers in the U.S said that they are ready to pay more for enjoying a superior customer experience.

Hence, it does not really matter how awesome is your offerings, since the only thing that is of interest to the customer is how well they are being treated.

Now, equipped with an easy to use CRM software you can access everything that is needed to understand your prospects and customers, right from the history of their purchases, to their interactions in your website, their social media presences and more.

Therefore, with such homogeneous information at their fingertips, your sales and support reps can pitch their calls with more efficiency for each of your customers.

3. Up-selling and cross-selling opportunities

It is easy to access and share data when you have all the required information stored centrally in the CRM database .

Therefore, accessing customer history after implementing CRM software for your organization, according to a report published by NelsonHall, most businesses takes a great stride in up-selling and cross-selling activities.

For example, if one of your customer’s purchase histories shows that the customer has purchased several ankle-length jeans, by using automated email campaigning feature of the CRM, you can easily email the customer on sneakers or best-suited belts to match those jeans.

4. Increased profits

Can you imagine collecting a colossal number of business cards and storing them without an easy to use CRM?
We guess not.

Now even if you are capable of storing your customer and prospect’s data in silo software solutions it makes no sense of that data that is only visible to you, since it can reduce your sales and profits, as in this case your sales teams will be spending more time for finding information than leveraging it.

Additionally, manual data entry is a time-consuming and tedious process. Content management software is a platform that helps to organize data as specified and aid employees to devote their work hours to more important tasks than the administrative ones.

Now, because of the above stated reason as your business grows more efficiently by minimizing unnecessary middle work, your sales and support reps can retain more customers by offering them superior customer service, make up-sells and cross-sells by understanding the customer’s needs and find new customers through word of mouth advertising and networking and hence accomplish more in the same workday.

5. Targeted marketing

With the best small business CRM and Contact Management software in place, you can access several marketing templates and create timed and automated drip marketing campaigns.

Using easy to use CRM solutions you can not only group your potential customers by priority and interests but also create groups that fit best with your marketing plans.


Therefore, in a gist, every aspect of easy to use CRM software is cut-out to perform a particular task efficiently so that it can help your organization manage marketing, sales, and support better for your company and also your customers.

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