Alexa How CRM connects employees, customers and partners

How CRM connecting employees, customers and partners

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How CRM connecting employees, customers and partners in this modern age. Running a business in today’s cut throat environment is an uphill task. With corporate rules changing dynamically, business entrepreneurs are constantly on a treadmill, sweating it out to create the best strategies and deliver the same. While some have topped the success charts, others are still lying underground, grappling to make their mark.

Running a business in today’s cut throat environment is an uphill task. With corporate rules changing dynamically, business entrepreneurs are constantly on a treadmill, sweating it out to create the best strategies and deliver the same. While some have topped the success charts, others are still lying underground, grappling to make their mark.

Result – There is a difference between the successful businesses and not the so successful ones. And the difference continues to widen? We tell you why –

Running a business requires to keep constant track of an assortment of areas – clients, investors, employees, partners, and so on. Now imagine doing all these from ten different platforms. Taxing isn’t it? And most importantly not possible 24X7

What have the big brands done?

Taken the leap to a cloud customer relationship management tool!

Read what Sam Biardo states – ‘’Technology trend of CRM has made it possible and easy for businesses to keep track of all areas from one single platform. From monitoring client interactions, paying vendors, analyzing marketing campaigns to tracking employee workflow – CRM has powered businesses to keep track of all of these and much more on a daily basis.’’

If the benefits are so great, what keeps it away from businesses?

Jeffrey Kaiserman answers – ‘’CRM was originally created to keep track of client information. That perception still exists in the minds of business owners of the small and mid-sized businesses. Having constrained budget, they refrain themselves from investing in CRM which in their view is still just a standalone customer management app.

Familiarity and awareness about the current role of CRM needs to be given to them. They are required to understand that CRM has grown and evolved into a multifaceted program that can track sales, create/execute marketing opportunities and improve customer service interactions. Then only can they align the company’s Sales, Marketing and Service efforts to grow the base of happy successful customers.’’

Today’s CRM – one unified platform

Taking Jeffrey Kaiserman’s comment, here’s a more defined role and function of today’s CRM. CRM (a popular abbreviation for Customer Relationship Management) is now an effective combination of different business streams. It integrates processes, people, and technology to serve as one central platform for Sales, Marketing, Service and Collaboration. The objective is to give you complete visibility into your business. Using the CRM app, Marketing, Sales and Customer Service teams collaborate and work together on one platform to grow leads, identify sales opportunities, close deals and support customers.

In the words of Renee Shipley – ‘’the real advanced Cloud CRM suites offer solutions for managing every aspect of your business operations. You can say from, marketing campaigns, lead identification, sales, and right the way through to collaboration, inventory and customer service. They are specifically designed and developed to serve as all-encompassing, customizable, Customer Platform. Integrated with new APIs and next generation third-party tools, businesses connect with customers, employees and partners, instantly.’’

ConvergeHub CRM

Serving as a common platform for sales, marketing and service is hard work. In the lieu of streamlining there three different business divisions, many CRM providers offer a cluttered, difficult to navigate and unmanageable application. ConvergeHub sets itself apart from these counterparts by designing and developing a beautiful and easy to navigate system that lets you keep track of your company data and easily monitor the activities of each division.

Here are a few of its benefits:

1.360-degree business view
ConvergeHub CRM serves as a single repository for all collaterals, brochures, case studies and presentations. Consequent to which, sales, marketing and customer service reps exactly know where to look for a respective document in the time of need. As a business entrepreneur, you get activity feeds of prospects, customers and contacts from the CRM software that inevitably help you monitor developments in real time.

2. Unified sales & marketing
We unify your sales and marketing teams to help them collaborate on sales-ready leads. The idea is to make the sales teams take over from where the marketing team leaves off. Not to forget, our CRM system (acting as a shared platform) keeps you and your business organized. Whether it is nurturing the prospects from the first contact to closing a sale, diligent use of our CRM processes makes things easy for your reps. They are enabled to keep track of all prospect/client communication, meeting and documentation in one central repository – ConvergeHub CRM.

3. Better teamwork
Experts suggest that working as teams for leads/clients always benefits the business. Results are far better and most importantly more prompt in nature. With ConvergeHub CRM as your one central platform, your sales, marketing and customer service reps break free from siloed organizational divisions. Due to shared information, they accomplish work at a faster pace and ensure that leads/customers don’t fall through the cracks.
Also, in the absence of one team member, other can immediately replace him thanks to all the necessary lead/customer history present in the CRM.

4. Collaboration
Working together as a team and sharing documents and information inevitably leads to greater collaboration. Using the online collaboration tools integrated in ConvergeHub CRM, your reps not just distribute latest company/customer/lead data but share valuable insights with each other to drive more productivity.

5. Multiple channels for customers and prospects
Customers and prospects use an assortment of communication channels to interact with companies. Keeping up with the trend, ConvergeHub CRM enables you to not just provide channel flexibility for customers but for leads and prospects too. Hence, based on their preference, sales, marketing and customer service teams can use a combination of channels to engage customers and leads as they want to be engaged.

6. Partners
To bring in more business, you cannot afford to work in silo. ConvergeHub CRM not just limits your collaboration with sales, marketing and customer service reps but includes your business partners too. You can refer leads and share relevant documents with your partners/associates – all in a secured and protected ConvergeHub CRM environment.

Final Thoughts

ConvergeHub CRM is cloud based CRM application. Hence, all your company data gets stored in our server. We take care of server maintenance and troubleshooting. Benefit: your computer space doesn’t get bogged down with excessive data while you enjoy all the benefits of an all-time anywhere available business management platform – ConvergeHub CRM.

Take a FREE TRIAL of ConvergeHub CRM to see how you can track everything in your business without sinking in multiple software platforms.


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