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How do you keep your clients happy

Marketing | by Patricia Jones
Customers sticking with brand

Are your clients happy, learn How do you keep your clients happy. You’re happy because customer attrition has been low in the past months. You’re happy because your customers are staying with you. But then, are your customers sticking with your brand or have got stuck with it?

What is the difference between sticking with a brand and being stuck with one?

Sticking with a brand happens only out of cent percent customer satisfaction. But if your customers aren’t happy with your brand but they are still staying with you, this is indeed an alarming situation!

In this case they’re not sticking with you—they’re stuck with you due to unavoidable reasons. These reasons can be any such as – lack of alternatives or hefty switching costs.

Remember customers do not want to be compelled to be tied to a brand. But in anyways, if your customers are finding it difficult to leave your company, you’re not building brand loyalty—and you’re definitely not building a great brand.

How can you convert your repeated buyers into genuine life-time customers?

To create valuable, sustainable customer relationships, you need to magnetize your customers —with effective emotional connections which will ultimately lead to True Brand Loyalty.

Virgin America executive comments – ‘’People decide which brands to stick with based on how the brands make them feel; which is why all good brands aim at wining customers’ hearts than their wallets. Instead of concentrating on selling products, they strive to forge close emotional ties with their customers.’’

How to establish an Emotional Connection with Customers?

  1. Prioritize long-term customer relationships over short-term salAlthough this is a universally-recognized business tip, the fact remains that hardly a few handful of brands abide by it. You can say that the pressure to generate immediate return on investment often compel companies to put sales ahead of relationships.

What we suggest – Sales leaders (in particular) need to understand this. They need to control their urge to chase the sale, by building a firm commitment toward developing brand identity.

  1. Focus on your brand to determine business expansion plaMost often, companies use product categories to determine business scope and scale. Understand that if you focus on creating deeper emotional bonds, automatically it will bring in product innovations and company expansions.
  2. Understand the nature of your businessVirgin America does not perceive its business as to gain more number of passengers yearly. Its focus is to always provide its customers with an unforgettable experience that adds value to their trip.

Similarly, you need to change the perception towards your business by understanding it nature. Then only can you (like Virgin America) continuously redefine consumer expectations and uplift the standard of industry.

Role of CRM in building strong customer relations

CRM expert comments – ‘’Great brands have the same business goals as others such as – long-term customer loyalty, retention, and satisfaction. However, great brands are able to achieve their goals by using the CRM in forging personal and meaningful bonds with customers. ‘’

CRM helps businesses to proactively stay in touch with the customers. With a 360 degree view of customer in hand, brands are much enabled to treat customers like special guests. They tend to their needs and make sure they’re comfortable and content.

How can you use the CRM to build emotional connectivity with customers?

  • Schedule simple reminder activities that prompt your users, to proactively follow up with customers.

For example if you offer pet grooming services, then you can use the cloud CRM software to set reminders for grooming dates. Getting reminder from CRM, your customer support team can remind customers when their dog is due for grooming. Customers will more likely continue with you if they see that you care about their pets as much as they do.

  • Checking last date of transaction, you can use the CRM to identify customers who has not been in contact from a long time. To restore the connection, you can send a newsletter/email informing about the launch of latest product/service.

Alternatively, you can segment active and high value customers in high priority for everyone.

  • CRM allows you to track time sensitive detail such as expiry date of customers’ membership. You can set reminders around these and inform customers in advance to boost renewal rates.
  • Based on the customer order history and preferences – you can personalize your emails with dynamic content.

For example, if a customer has booked beach destinations earlier, then you can include beach vacation deals in the e-mail.

  • Using the Social CRM, you can track your customer’s social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. This will keep your users up to date with customers’ activity and also help them make new interactions with customers from CRM. Inevitably, doing this will develop brand loyalty.


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