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Golden Tips for Closing Deals with ConvergeHub in Partner-Client Opportunities

CRM | by Patricia Jones
golden tips for closing deals

Teaming up with the right partner can bring enormous success for your company. Hence, if you are capable of working with the right industry leaders and understand how to work this valued partner relationship in an effective manner, like we do at ConvergeHub, your products, solutions, or services are more likely to be chosen than that of other vendors to address your partner’s customers’ business needs.

Nevertheless, when you are working with your partner, it is extremely important that you should always strive to pose a sense of balance between two goals:

  1. Closing deals with the customers and work towards new businesses and
  2. Strengthen your hand by ensuring a long-term relationship with your partner.

Although at times achieving this balance can be challenging, however, if you are prepared, you can take a few additional retainers into play, and thereby successfully win deals and relationship in partner-client opportunities.

Enhance your existing relationship within your partner’s company

The more trust you are capable of building with your partner’s company the smoother the process will run between you and your partner in the end. Therefore, if you still do not have a strong relationship with your partner, make it strong. Do it in advance and not right before walking into a meeting with a prospective customer of your partner’s choice.

Enter with confidence and expertise

Understand your industry expertise (for example, for ConvergeHubCRM it is CRM) and never be shy on highlighting your expertise during the sales meetings, whereby you can add the most value for your presence during the sales calls. While it can be true, that your partner may be an expert in his or her domain, make it implicitly clear that you are the right person who holds the right knowledge about your product offerings to your partner and his or her customers who are there to buy from your brand.

Remember different stakeholders have dissimilar business goals

It must be considered, that in the majority of partner deals you will face multiple key stakeholders- both in your partner’s and customer’s company, where you are selling your product or services. Hence, be mindful of different deliverables, agendas, timelines, and goals. The better you are prepared and can understand the needs for each of your stakeholder’s desired outcomes, the better off everyone will feel at the end of the deal.

Consider a working relationship

Primarily, understand that the customer is always the highest point of value for contact, in any business relationship that you are entering. Hence, even if your partner has brought you the opportunity, both you and your partner should understand, providing the optimal solution to the customer, should be the first and foremost agenda in your to-do list.

Secondly, it is extremely necessary that you must involve your partner’s subject matter expert or client account executive(s) since they are the ones who are likely to know their customers the best.

Thirdly, take advantage of your partner’s trusted internal business advisors; they can always assist you in navigating the client relationship and untangle any issues that may affect the sales cycle.

 Develop a strategic sales engagement process

Having a reliable sales engagement process in place ensures that every business interactions you have with your partner include the goal of a sale.

In ConvergeHub, we have proven sales engagement processes in place for customers of different industries and size, in order to get ourselves engaged with them most effectively. Be patient, yet confident and clear about your processes, since both the client and your partner might have different business requirements and approaches in their mind.

Hence, while trying to close a deal in partner-client opportunities, describe your process to your partner first, showcase your successes and build momentum with your partner’s internal sales champions, which will help them to go into a successful pitch with their clients.


If you are interested in growing a business partnership with ConvergeHub CRM, you can easily fill in the reseller’s application or write to us in the comment box below.

We at ConvergeHub provide our partners with numerous sales tools, persuasive Power Points, market info, detailed competitive matrix, recognition, special spiffs, promotions, and more to reach their desired business goals.


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