Alexa Top 6 Growth Hacking Strategies to make Small Businesses succeed

Top 6 Growth Hacking Strategies to make Small Businesses succeed in 2018

Small Biz Resources | by Patricia Jones
Growth Hacking Strategies

Before understanding what is growth hacking, and growth hacking strategies, let us get to the First things First!

As the world is becoming increasingly mobile and connected most businesses are exploring newer avenues, revenue streams, and business models with the Internet to meet their growing consumer demands. Starting a new business is becoming easier in these modern times than ever before. Thanks to the Internet, many entrepreneurs are starting their journey every year, with escalated dreams and aspirations, and investors are even funding some of them, as prospective business ventures for this digital world. Nevertheless, most of the business owners fail to comprehend into account the survivorship basis, whereby some researches show that more than 90% of technology startups eventually fail within the following few years or months.  While the inconsistency to find a sustainable margin or cash flow is a major concern for all startups, the primary reason for failure cited by startups those who fail is the paucity of the market need for their products and services.

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All marketers of small and medium businesses and their business owners are in a constant search for growing their company. Growth hacking strategies come into play over here, as it is the key to success for any SMB or startups.

For all of them who wants to know what is growth hacking, this business growth strategy helps enterprises to find the most effective channels for marketing and take advantage of them to get connected with the relevant audience and therefore scale up the business. Growth hacking tools are capable of measuring the performance of your marketing campaigns across several platforms. Using growth hacking skills, you can gather information that you can use to find the best ways to engage your audiences.

Why focus on Growth Hacking Strategies?

When it is critical for any small business or startup to grow quickly without investing a lot of money, growth hacking can help you exactly to achieve it. With growth hacking tactics, you may not only gain insights about your audience, but you can also measure their purchasing patterns and measure the efficiency of your digital marketing strategies. In other words, growth hacking strategies improve your traffic and online visibility.

Here are a few tips, which you must work on so that your growth hacking tactics resonate with your audience:

  1. Get user feedback and make necessary changes to your growth hacking plans accordingly.
  2. Use testimonials and make use of other conversion rate optimization techniques.
  3. Create shareable and relevant contents.
  4. Use your email database as a funnel to nurture your email marketing campaigns.
  5. Retarget each page and post, individually.
  6. Repurpose old contents.

Be cautioned that you do not invest too much in getting custom-made software for your business. Nowadays most of the business applications involved in sales, marketing, finance, and operations are readily available as SaaS (Software as a Service) on Cloud.

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