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Outbound Communication with CRM takes your business ahead

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How Outbound Communication and CRM Can Take Your Contact Center to the Next Level

Outbound Communication with CRM takes your business ahead and its visible in the modern times. Here contact center systems have more to offer than before in terms of customer support.

While multimodal approach is taken for granted in today’s world, but unfortunately, it was never the right custom to be followed in a contact centre, where agents are always challenged to meet customer’s communication expectations and needs.

Hence, while most of the contact centers are still telephony-centric, still there are many who are changing to IP-based solutions for betterment of their businesses.

In telephony-centric call center solutions, the key characteristic of this is the reactive mode of service, in which agents only take in customer inquiries as they come in. In this inbound communication system, agents are only evaluated how effectively they are capable of managing the calls, as their sole objective is to make it easy for the customers to call in and get help.

So legacy telephony-centric systems do not have any ability to tie up agents to engage with their customers in other ways and leverage communication modes by automating certain other forms of communication gateways.

Most often, given these constrains, decision makers of contact centers who still use legacy systems have difficulty seeing how other modes of telephony service provide new value to their existing businesses– especially when it comes to establishing outbound communications.

Legacy telephony system’s flavors are impersonal and generic and are so not very engaging for the customers. However, when cloud-based telephony service is opted by a CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) and it is integrated within a CRM, agents can enable personalized communication those that can be highly relevant and timely for the customers.

To recognize this new value in cloud-telephony, here are three ways as to how modern VoIP-based communication open up new horizons for contact centers all across the globe.

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Finding different modes of meaningful customer engagements

If legacy telephony system is about inbound inquiries, cloud telephony is about considering proactive customer service, where various channels can be used to communicate with the customers. Apart from just solving customer problems, outbound communication can be also used for providing alerts, special announcements, notifications, status updates, and others.

When tied to a CRM, all these outbound messages can be very customer specific, where it helps in bringing new value. It expands the scope of customer service, helps in understanding the customer journey, and is so a highly effective application that eventually makes your customers remain happy and satisfied with your products or services.

Streamline Your Business

Outbound calls are not meant to exist in a vacuum. Implementing cloud telephony for CCaaS helps you to start thinking more broadly about several other business processes that spans across your organization. For an example, think of a situation where a customer’s annual renewal is coming due. In this case, with outbound IP-telephony and a CRM platform to facilitate the process, you can easily trigger an outbound notification to the customer well in advance. In addition, customers can choose in which mode(s) they want want to receive their updates. Be it voice, text or email, building on that customers can now be prompted to update their preferred payment methods or make any changes in their business relationship with your organization. You can also send you customers personalized update on new offers and promotions that can be of their interest, or ask them to provide feedback on how efficiently you are meeting their needs.

Once you connect the dots using a cloud-telephony based CRM, the possibilities are endless for triggering and sending notifications which otherwise would not have been possible with legacy telecommunication systems.

Automate Contact Center Operations

In the past some forms of outbound communications were best done by live agents, for then it was the only way to do so. But in the present times, this is not an efficient model when we have to consider the value of the agent’s time and also the effort that is involved in making the call and move on quickly when the agent faces an answering machine.

With growth in technology, today this entire process is automated and managed along with higher degree of accuracy, especially with advances in speech recognition features in CCaaS.

So breaking away from the legacy model of customer service and making use of CRM and cloud-telephony not only helps you provide proactive customer support but it is also a big step in freeing up your agents to interact more efficiently when dealing with all their inbound customer support calls. This is why we see Outbound Communication with CRM takes your business ahead


Apart from these using CCaaS within CRM platform can also help in initiating calls to all your CRM leads with a single click of the mouse, check and record duration of your conversations, dynamically create new contacts and add other necessary information of the customer while on call and gather several call-log information for generating call-detail-analysis as per your need.

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