Alexa How Segmenting Your Customers Can Increase CLV For Business Growth

How Segmenting and Profiling Your Customers Can Increase Their Lifetime Value With Your Brand

CRM | by Patricia Jones

CLV or Customer Lifetime Value is an index that has remained fairly untouched in the business world primarily because companies are still unsure about how exactly it fosters business growth and boost revenue over time.
However, more than anything, calculating CLV brings about a pertinent change in the way organizations function, as it paves a golden opportunity for businesses to get ahead of the competition, especially if they are using CLM CRM software, which is the acronym of Customer Lifecycle Management CRM tool.

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This is because; your job does not end, once you have managed to successfully bring a steady flow of customers for your company.

Rather your customer relationship starts right over here, as you now need a sharp insight into your customer base to identify your most important buyers by keenly observing their behaviors.

Winning new customers for your business is indeed a daunting task that most businesses struggle with. However, on the other hand, engaging and retaining existing customers takes far less effort and resources.

This is where metrics like Customer Lifetime Value comes into play since this a metric in the CLM CRM software that analyzes existing customer base to find out who, when, and how will bring the most revenue for your brand and also help to evaluate the existing worth of your customers.

CLV is a metric that makes a huge difference to any business since equipped with this knowledge; brands find the ability to gear-up with their customer engagement strategies, which aids in improvising, honing, and doubling engagements with their high-value customer base.

The strategies for engagement that CLV can leverage through CLM CRM software includes the complete customer service processes that can be personalized to make your high-paying customers feel appreciated and stick with your brand for a long time.

Since by offering customized and prioritizing services to the customers of higher value it is not that you are not only making them stay longer but it also helps in increasing the customer spent on your brand.
CLV also drives marketing strategies in order to increase and improve engagements with customers of higher worth.

Therefore, with respect to increasing CLV, there are several solutions that work in tandem with customer worth for creating accurate engagement strategies leading to better conversions of the prospects with the help of CLM CRM software.

Customer Profiling

Customer profiling is an activity that enables businesses to store profiles of the customers that tells the story of every customer locked in the CRM database, which helps in sending the right message to the customers that match their individual preferences.

It is always easier to offer customized services to your customers when you are using an easy to use all-in-one CRM software solution that offers a 360-degree view of high-paying customers that can be evaluated and measured by a profiling system.

Labeling VIP Customers

To find the maximum revenue from your customer base with respect to their spending potentials, you need to distinguish between them with the help of a solution like CLM CRM software that lets you label high-paying customers like a VIP.

Therefore, performing this classification can help you to evaluate conversions every time using CLM CRM software solutions and offer special discounts and dynamic pricing to customers who are marked special on your CRM database.

Customer Segmentation

With the help of customer segmentation, you can divide your customer base depending upon their spending ability and take a dedicated approach towards each segment using the CLM CRM platform.

Dedicated Workflow

Dedicated workflow aids businesses to target customers with higher potential in every step along with your engagement and market strategies.

For example, you can set up a targeted sequence for each segment of your customer base like ad campaigns, and email campaigns that boost revenue growth.

Building Customer Loyalty

Customer profiling and segmentation provides you with a better view on how to improve the efficiency and speed of your customer service with higher lifetime value and avoid the dissatisfaction of the customers by introducing loyalty programs that helps in reducing customers churn and aids in holding on to high-paying customers for a longer time.


For calculating CLV primarily you require a 360-degree view of your customers, for knowing the worth of each customer in your CRM database, for which you need an easy to use CRM since it is hard to calculate the customer spent by manually searching for data which represent the worth of each customer, that help in boosting the lifetime value of your customer for your business growth.

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