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How To Get Started With Outbound Sales Strategies In B2B Small And Medium Businesses

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Are you running an SMB and trying to get started with outbound sales?
We guess for this you need a solid outbound strategy in place for your business growth.

We say this because honestly when it comes to making outbound sales if you have not diligently done your footwork and have avoided creating the required infrastructure that is needed for business growth, it can really get messy.

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However, on the other hand, if you lay the required groundworks and thereafter create a smart strategy, we are certain as one of the most popular vendors of CRM for small and medium businesses, that you will start seeing the desired results in a very short time.

Therefore, with that in mind, let now take a quick peek at what it requires to develop the outbound sales strategy for your startup or small business.

Hence in this article, we are going to provide you with four key requirements for getting started:

• Identifying your ICP

• Creating contents that support sales

• Creating a strong value proposition

• Knowing your engagement tools (like an easy to use CRM software)


1. Identifying your ICP

Now we have heard times and again the cliché “We cater to every industry, and our offerings can appeal to several job titles and departments in any company”.
However, unfortunately, it never works that way.

This is because if you are unable to target your messages specifically to an ICP or Ideal Customer Profile, your outbound sales outreaches will result in a disaster since an ICP is a qualifiable and quantifiable description of the perfect company in need for your solution.

Hence to build and ICP, begin by analyzing your existing customers in your CRM database, or try for the customers of your competition in the marketplace who are in need of your offerings, which in detail means:

• Specifically identifying the company location, size, technology and service requirements of your buyers, along with tracking their pain-points, the number of employees, the age of the company, and their typical customers.

• Look into the data in your CRM be it Salesforce or any other Salesforce Alternative CRM, since Ideal Customer Profile is different from Buyer Personas (which are semi-fictional and are more related to B2C marketplace).

• Look at your ten best customers and find out the characteristics that work and what you would like to improve. However, as a startup organization if you even do not have any customers, do not worry, you can easily create ICP by making sure your products and services appeal to a very specific business audience in the marketplace.

2. Creating contents that support sales

When your team may be introducing your company to a new lead for the first time for prospects that are unfamiliar with your offerings, your team has to assume that they will be doing their own research on your offerings.

Therefore if you do not have the goods, you will not be able to seal the sale.

What kind of content do you need for this?

Well, truthfully this can vary based on what your ICP is most willing to buy.

Nevertheless, your content can include sales decks, case studies, blog posts, pricing sheets, and even a strong social media presence.

Remember, your brand needs more than just a Feature page. Therefore, when you are connecting with B2B leads through outbound sales, your business must be savvy.

Hence, implementing other unique techniques through your digital and social media channels, like videos can help to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

3. Creating a strong value proposition

It will not do much good, if you are just filling up your website and target, but not spending enough time to research and test and thereafter perfect your current offerings.

Your product and service must be solving a problem for your customers, and the only way you can do it is your brand is fitting your market with a strong value proposition.

Now if you do not know what is a value proposition, it is just a simple statement designed to convince a potential customer and make them believe that your product or service will add value to their business.

For this, your business has to prove its worth over similar offerings in the marketplace.

Now it must be remembered that creating a value proposition is more than an exercise. Rather it is free of jargon, to-the-point, compelling statement that proves the worth of your offering.

Additional a strong value proposition must be accompanied by a powerful headline, followed by sub-headings that can help explain the value of the offering or what your product or service is best at.

Never make the content of your value offerings more than three sentences long and include bullet points in the verbiage.

In fact, any great value proposition can also be used as a foundation of a call script or a great email message that you will write heading into the outbound sales process for your SMB.

If you are still not sure where to start, create an outbound campaign suing your easy to use CRM tool and then ask for feedback from your prospects and listen to their constructive criticisms, and thereafter if you find that your message is not reaching them, alter it as per their needs.

4. Knowing your engagement tools

No to find the right engagement tool for your sales team in B2B organizations you need not search and buy every SaaS product available in the marketplace.

This is because to track and analyze the reactions of your prospects, once you implement the best small and medium business CRM software it can help you to find sales and business growth.

Using an easy to use CRM you will not only be able to create an automated timeline for engagements, but you can also create a series of touch-points, and track customer insights, all in one place once you are using this cutting-edge business growth technology and tool.

Your best CRM for SMB can also help your sales teams to get organized and get your messages hyper-personalized, which is the need of the hour nowadays.


So, have you checked all the boxes?
Now, while this list is not the end-all and be-all of outbound sales preparedness, however, these are some of the basics B2B small and medium businesses require to get started with their outbound sales.

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