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Leading Sales technologies that help drive sales

Sales | by Patricia Jones

Leading Sales technologies that help drive sales, get them with your own CRM at ConvergeHub.

New technologies are getting introduced at a fast pace. As entrepreneurs, you need to understand each of them and measure its importance in relation to your business sales, marketing, customer service, finance or inventory management.

This blog outlines the sales-related tools and technologies. Implementing these a little here and there will surely work wonders in boosting your business’s revenue.

So leave all other work aside, and pay full concentration here. After all it is about the most important aspect of your business, isn’t it?


1. CRM

Shocked? Surprised? (Not your fault)

Since the time the concept of CRM has come, it has always been associated with customers. Whether it is to improve customer relationships, retain customers, or provide a better service – CRM has been the answer.

However, now CRM has got revamped. It has got all the features to function as a Business Management Platform. And one of these features is SALES MANAGEMENT.

That is why now CRM is being used as a sales platform too.

And its performance has been great!

Research firm CSO Insights has surveyed a group of businesses, out of which 72% have expressed that using CRM Software has had a positive effect on their sales.

Here are three ways how CRM is helping businesses get their sales into top gear:

  • Identification of Best Sales Practices CRM solutions are enabling the sales team to record all the activities in one database. Analyzing all the tasks at the end of every quarter, sales agents are easily differentiating between the activities that have resulted in conversions and the ones that have not.Empowered with this knowledge, they are only applying the best practices in future.In other words, sales reps are getting all the intelligence to apply only the proven processes, and progress faster through the sales cycle.
  • Enhanced Collaboration CRM solutions are encouraging better communication and collaboration within the team. It is breaking down the departmental silos to make sales connect with marketing and customer support.As a result – Sales team is finding it easy to share critical, time-sensitive information with other key associates that help close more deals and earn revenue faster.
  • Sales Automation Majority of the leading CRM solutions offer an integrated Sales Automation module. It is a feature that automates the sales related administrative tasks. Resultant of which, sales teams who are otherwise always burdened with these unnecessary manual tasks, have the time and energy to concentrate on more-revenue generating activities.The bottom line: it makes sense in every way that businesses (small or big) use a CRM solution. So plan and select a CRM to manage your sales NOW.

2. Live Chat

When customers drop into a brick and mortar store, they expect someone to listen to their needs and help them in the selection and purchase. The same expectation applies to online shopping too!!

So it is important that when prospects visit a website, they get the assistance of a virtual agent. And Live Chat precisely serves this purpose.

Using it, visitors get to interact with an agent to solve their queries fast. Agents can also speed up the whole purchasing process, by moving the prospects faster towards sale.

So overall, live chat benefits both parties – buyer and seller.

3. Gift Cards

Many retailers are doing it and you can do it too. Simply give gift cards to some of your most loyal customers or the ones who have the highest bill amount. Customers will instantly feel happy!!! They will feel valued as a buyer which will encourage them to spend more on your business, and up your sales numbers. How effective isn’t it?

4. Digital Mirror and iPad

This is exclusively for the retail industry. According to expert Ian P. Murphy, buyers prefer those retail shops that provide an amazing and smooth shopping experience. And just to deliver these, many stores like Neiman Marcus have put up a digital mirror in the store that allows shoppers to:

  • Compare outfits tried on in the dressing room
  • Share the outfit-worn pictures with friends on social media to get immediate feedback.

That is not it. Stores in Bloomingdale have installed Apple iPads that connect to the inventory system. Shoppers can locate items in-store and at locations nationwide, to find if their preferred sizes and colors are available or not.

Final Thoughts

Irrespective of your business size/type, ultimately, your objective is to keep the money rolling in, which is why we have cited these four critical sales tools. Start including them one by one and get ahead in the sales game faster.

Tip: Start with the first sales tool, right here.
PS: Do not forget to write in to us. What did you think of all these sales tools? What new sales tool would you like to see in the future? Sound off in the comments below!

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