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Learn Lead Generation In 30 Days With 5 Pro Tips

Marketing | by Patricia Jones
Learn Lead Generation In The Next 30 Days With These 5 Pro Tips

Learn Lead Generation In 30 Days With 5 Pro Tips from ConvergeHub. Let us forget about our product or service that we want to sell for a second.

You can always pack it with a colorful little bow, and offer it at the best competitive pricing in the market- But most of times, none of this matters.

Since, even with the best products and services, your offer will go unnoticed and your business is doomed to fail- if no one knows about it.

The idea behind internet marketing is simple- Those with the most Leads wins.

So, if you have the capacity of generating more leads, but have an average product- you still win.

According to a survey on B2B Technology Marketing Community by LinkedIn, it has been found that:

61% Of B2B Marketers Identified Generating High-Quality Leads As Their Biggest Lead Generation Challenge.

All good lead management marketers are aware of the fact that high quality leads are like seeds from where prospective customers grow. For without proper lead generation ideas, it can be like trying to reap a bountiful harvest from an infertile and barren field.

Because in inbound marketing strategy, leads means more revenue, and more often than not, revenue signifies profit, lets unpack 5 smart lead generation techniques for your business right now.

Learn Lead Generation In The Next 30 Days With These 5 Pro Tips


In human history, very few inventions had an omnipresent impact as the Internet. And, while the fledging internet of the early 1990s was only used just for a bit of research and for emails, the Internet as we all know today, has grown into a widespread entity that plays a ubiquitous role in almost every aspect of our lives.

Apart from entertainment, relationships, education and communications, internet is virtually the modern lifeline also for other activities like businesses.

So, it is no wonder most organizations in the modern times for lead generation focus primarily on internet marketing strategy for capturing leads online.

Hence, if you are not focusing on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and using SEO as lead generation techniques, you are definitely missing on a major business opportunity.

SEO techniques that are used like utilizing keywords, proper utilization of alt tags, title tags and meta description of your web pages are all aimed to make your business’s online and website presence more accessible to your global customers on search engines and the web.

SEO optimization not only enhances the quality of your website, but it also helps your business page rank better in search engines, such as Google and Bing.

SEO in a broader sense also encompasses optimization of several technical details of your website, which includes optimization of contact forms, landing pages and others.

So, when optimized effectively, your business web-space can be seen organically on the internet, by people looking for what your business provides, in a very short span of time.


Perhaps the best social media lead generation platforms for lead generation for sales in the recent times, are LinkedIn and Facebook.

As the least “social” among all other social media channels, LinkedIn was designed exclusively for businesses and working professionals to unite in one space, making it an ideal marketing and sales platform.

Now, we are not telling you to go out and make cold calls for social media sales lead generation from your social media contacts. What we suggest is that you should consider sharing great contents with relevant key words that highlights your business details with all your LinkedIn and Facebook followers and we are sure you might start to see leads and prospects coming in naturally.

In both these platforms, you can also adopt social media advertising techniques, which are paid advertising features that makes it even easier to get quality contents in front of your online business prospects.


Although most of the content marketing methods are more common than other lead generation techniques in this list, given the fact that 86% of B2C and 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing for lead generation, still it’s full potential is not optimally utilized in many organizations.

This is because, creating good content which are optimized with targeted keywords is not as easy as it looks.

Good lead generation content which are personalized to the needs of a specific audience and are also visually appealing (like landing page contents, email newsletters, blog posts and whitepapers) are best known for growing your blog readership and website traffic, which in turn helps in generating leads through content marketing.


A road less travelled, influencer marketing or generating leads by creating brand ambassadors is another effective way of promoting your products and services. Brand ambassadors are most often top influencers in the social media platforms who shares social media contents of your brand with their followers, promoting your brand online and offline.

Brand ambassadors who are influencers in marketing can be your greatest supporters and bring in the interesting referrals that you are looking for.

To keep promoting your business influencer, consider providing incentives in the form of customer loyalty programs or other promotions, that can help in growing your influencer marketing ROI, while keeping your brand ambassadors share their joy with your product and services.


Right leads, when they are properly cultivated and guided along the sales process helps in sprouting retainable and committed customers that define an organization’s success.

But sales lead management is nevertheless not an easy task. So, it’s only by utilizing the potential of a CRM that helps in tracking sales leads you can organize your list of prospects based on a number of criteria.

CRM application which helps in providing 360°customer view, enhancing coordination among marketing, sales, customer service makes contact management simple.

Most of the CRMs are often equipped with marketing automation features, which pulls leads by utilizing CRM lead generation programs and organizes them into the CRM dashboard.

In addition to organizing key contacts, CRM lead management also provides you a better picture of your business’s sales funnel.

Segmenting leads based on where they should be in your sales funnel, CRM helps in distributing unique marketing contents with the help of auto-generated email campaigns to the sales prospects. Eliminating countless manhours CRM quickly provides your sales reps with more time to generate sales growth and nurture leads and turn them into high-quality customers.

Let us know if you have liked this read and have any new ideas in the comment box. We would always love to listen to your suggestions.

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