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How To Recapture Dormant Customers Using The Best CRM For Small Business

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Smart business owners and sales representatives in all businesses using the best small business CRM system know the necessity to focus their efforts on retaining customer that are loyal as much as they need to pay attention to the acquisition of their new ones.

We say this because it is much convenient to sell to the present customers rather than hunt around for finding new ones.
According to Forrester reports, the chances of selling to previous customers of your brand are 60- 70%, while the chances of selling are 5-20% for new ones.
Moreover, in the same report, it has also been suggested that existing customers are also likely to spend on an average of 31% more than customers who are new.

Nevertheless, it is a common trait with several organizations, to abandon the existing buyers of their products and services when customers stop responding to their marketing efforts.

But, why should you abandon a customer who has already done business with you?

Hence, even if an existing customer has not responded for a long time, marketing expenses are still better spent on wooing existing but dormant customers than finding new ones.

The chances of selling to previous customers of your brand are 60- 70%, while the chances of selling are 5-20% for new ones - Forrester Click To Tweet

Now as finding new business is 4-10 times more expensive than reactivating dormant customers, here are three unique strategies that startups and small businesses can make use of to recapture the unresponsive customers stored in their CRM database:

Strategy #1

Email retargeting

By using email-retargeting strategy, you can use retargeting-cookie to set off ads on the web pages that your customer visits, after they click on the emails that you have sent them.

However, what happens if your customers are not clicking on the emails that you are sending or ignoring them completely?

Well, for this you can create a special email list of all your existing dormant customers and start an ongoing email campaign using your best small business CRM system just targeted to your inactive customers.
You can even upload this list to your retargeting program, so that people who are included in the list in your best CRM for small business will start viewing the ad’s of your brand’s across their social media websites and other web pages, without even having the necessity to click on your emails.

Strategy #2

Personalized Messaging

There are even instances when a dearth of customer activity can also occur because of your fault.

Hence, once your customer makes a purchase, always make sure that you follow up on that customer with targeted personalized messages using your best small and medium business CRM software that reflects your customer’s preference and add value to the customer’s experience with your company.

The entire point of collecting and analyzing your customer’s data with the help of the best small business CRM platform is to find out what makes your customers buy and then launch an effective marketing campaign that targets the interests of your active customers.

Using business growth technology like CRM you always have the advantage of understanding the habits and obtain the purchase histories with your existing customer. Occasionally, you can even remind your dormant customers as to how much they wished for a specific product, and send them communication with a money-off for that offering.

Additionally, you can also put forward new services and products that your existing customers might like which can be easily assumed based on their past behaviors and previous purchases.
Hence the more pertinent are your approaches in marketing, the bigger the chances you will have to recapture their businesses using your best small and medium business CRM software platform for rekindling your sales growth.

Strategy #3

Deep Linking

When you are trying to reactive your dormant customers, try to make it as easy as it is possible to make your customers take their desired actions. For this, while doing in-app marketing, always remember to include ‘deep linking’, which generates a shortcut connection to the product page that your customer is interested, without making the customer even reach on your businesses’ homepage and then search for the required product using the search bar.

It is of utmost importance that for customers who have remained unresponsive to your marketing efforts, you must primarily remove all the obstacles from their path, to make them purchase your products easily once again.

For this, many small and medium businesses also trust in sending app notifications or SMS messages with an exact link to the product that a particular customer was interested to buy in the past using SMS sending applications integrated with their best CRM for small business.


As re-engaging inactive ‘gone-but-never-forgotten’ customers is at all times more worthy as an investment, we are sure you will find these three strategies extremely helpful, and as a user of best small business CRM, find rapid business growth.

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