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Tips to Persuade Your Fence Sitting Prospects to Get Off the Fence

Sales | by Patricia Jones

When any potential customer enters your website, four major things can happen:

  • The customer leave, never to return
  • The customer buys quickly whatever that you are selling
  • The customer calls you up and asks question about buying

And lastly

  • The customer just ‘SITS ON THE FENCE’ and do not take any action because the person is not sold

There are also customers, who you may have come across often; people who ask many questions and do get engaged with your product, but then at the end fails to buy.

Tips to Persuade Your Fence Sitting Prospects to Get Off the Fence

Such ‘on the fence customers‘ are most of the times quite difficult to convert, especially if you are running a business with a low return on your investments. Therefore, it is recommended that you should avoid spending your resources to convert these customers. Because most of the time you will lose money and time acquiring these businesses.

Nevertheless, if you are still persistent, there are certain ways you can reduce the level of friction in engagement with these prospects and can convert them to customers by following a few strategies.

So, in today’s post, we will discuss how you can motivate your website visitors who fall in this category and make them get off the fence.

Let the Prospects Be Your User Even Before They Buy

Let us discuss a much talked about global problem ‘software piracy’ to let you understand what we mean when we say that you need to let your prospects become your user even before they buy. For example, no other company has faced this problem of software piracy more than Microsoft Corporation– the maker of Windows OS and MS Office suit. In developing countries, where law enforcement is weak, it is extremely easy to acquire a pirated version of Microsoft products. But, what did Microsoft do about it? The answer is- Nothing. This is because Microsoft did understand early that a user of pirated Microsoft products is not, in reality, a lost sale. So in spite of talking tough in public forums, Microsoft secretly allowed these users from the developing countries continue to use the pirated versions, in the hope that when these users buy software, they will eventually prefer Microsoft.

So let your customer use your products or services free of cost for a limited period and at the same time persuade the user to buy. It has been found that in most cases these customers eventually hops off the fence and buy your product or service after a certain period.

Reduce Bounce Rate by Deploying Voice Calls and Discounts

It is very easy to locate a customer on the fence at a brick and mortar store. Once spotted, such a customer is usually converted with the help of a quick sales pitch by the sales representatives on the shop floor. However, unfortunately, this is not possible on a digital platform, where you can only realize a lost sale once the customer has left your website. Nevertheless, you can still grab these hesitant buyers by a few ways and make them interested in listening to your sales pitch. One easy way to do this is to place a ‘Call Back’ button prominently on your website so that these hesitant prospects can leave their details before they leave, which human representatives can, later on, follow up and increase the possibility of the sale.

Another way to reduce pre-sales friction is to identify website visitors who are attempting to exit at the payment gateway and lure them with exclusive limited-time discounts, to grab their attention and hasten the sale.

Humanize Your Products and Services

Sometimes just by reducing friction in reaching out or merely letting users get access to your services and products may not be sufficient to convert leads who are sitting on the fence. In these cases, the main reason why many such prospects do not get converted is their lack of inherent trust in your businesses. According to our experience in such a situation, the trick is to provide your customer with all the details about your business, which will not only humanize your service but also make your prospects feel relatable with your product line.

The Key Takeaway

It can be said over here that not all these strategies may apply to all kind of businesses. As ultimately, you need to understand your customers better to know why some converts while others remain hanging on the fence.

But we are sure; this market research will help you to devise specific strategies what will work on your customer as it has worked for us all along.


If you find this article helpful, do share with us about your experience in the comment box below.

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