Alexa Best Small and Medium Business CRM Software - ConvergeHub

Create Campaign

A new campaign can be created by clicking on the convergehub link in the left column or by clicking on convergehub tab in the upper right corner of the campaign listing page. A Create Campaign page will open up containing the necessary fields to be filled.

  • The name section is mandatory to fill.
  • You can set the campaign type by clicking on drop down option. Some options for campaign type include Advertisement, Public Relation and Seminar/Conference etc.
  • Expected Response field allows you to set the response figure in percentage.
  • You can change the Start Date and End Date through the calendar that pops up on clicking on any of the date fields. For example –
  • convergehub

  • The description field allows you to write a few sentences about the campaign.
  • You can set the currency by clicking on drop down option. Once the currency is set, you can fill in the estimated budget. For example –
  • convergehub

  • Total Cost shows the collective figure of all broadcast cost. This field will automatically get filled in after you input the broadcast cost.
  • You can set the revenue that you expect to gain from the campaign.
  • You are required to click on the convergehub option to proceed to the Broadcast section.
  • You can click on Cancel to stop the creation of the campaign.